Father of Five Shares Unbelievable Weight Loss Success Story

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“My autistic son told me if I did not lose weight, I wouldn’t be there for him when he got older,” recalls Brian Aubuchon, a now weight loss success story. His son Dominic—Nicky for short—was only seven-years-old. “He told me if I died, he would be heartbroken forever. I, of course, broke down.” It was in that late-night moment, when then 37-year-old Brian knew something needed to change.

success story
Prior to Nutrisystem, Brian was 280 pounds.

After tucking his son back into bed and telling him ‘dad would be ok,’ he began looking through old pictures of himself and the kids on his computer. At the time, he had four boys under age nine, and a fifth on the way. “You don’t really see it on yourself in the mirror, but the weight creeps up on you,” he says. “No excuses, no blaming it on anything,” says Brian. He knew his truth: He loved junk food; his work schedule was crazy, clocking in about 100 hours per week at the bowling center he had bought and was renovating; his stress levels were through the roof; and his weight had ballooned up to 280 pounds.

Call it coincidence, call it fate, call it whatever you want, but the DVR Brian had paused when talking to his son switched off and on the TV, he heard football Hall of Famer

Thanks to Nutrisystem, Brian has totally transformed his body… and his life!

Dan Marino talking about his success on Nutrisystem. “Usually I would blow right by that type of commercial, but as I was looking at the pictures of me, I thought about my kids and pregnant wife and how I could not leave them alone,” says Brian. So he went online, and signed up for the plan. What’s the worst that could happen, he thought. If he didn’t like it, he’d quit—just like he had on many other diets in the past.

When his first box of food arrived, Brian didn’t think he would make it a month. But he went on the Nutrisystem website, organized his meals, set up a workout regimen he could manage, and got started. He logged his food and water intake, made time to exercise, and stayed honest and accountable to himself.

That was two-and-a-half years ago. Today, Brian is 89 pounds lighter.* He looks and feels better, his self esteem is high and stamina is through the roof. In addition to running his bowling center, he started a foundation for Autism and is preparing to compete in the Ironman World Championships on his 40th birthday. But the most profound change Nutrisystem made in Brian’s life: “It gave me my kids back,” he says. “Before I couldn’t play with them; I didn’t want to go outside. I had no energy. Now energy is all I’ve got.” He loves that he can toss around a ball and keep up with his sons Giovanni, Dominic, Noah, Zane and Salvatore—ranging in age from 11- to two-years-old. They are the reason he started the plan, and the “why” he needs to stay on track. For Brian, Nutrisystem isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle—and it’s one that he hopes to pass on to his sons. His advice to them: “Stay healthy, stay active and have fun—Every. Single. Day.”


Q&A with Weight Loss Success Story Brian Aubuchon:

What is the best tip you would give to someone who is brand new to Nutrisystem?

“Trust the plan, work the plan, and call if you get frustrated. Oh, and don’t weight yourself more than once a week. [The weight] didn’t come on overnight.”

What about a customer who has hit a plateau?

“It happens. Take the scale and hide it. Measure your success by how your clothes fit and add in something as simple as a 20 minute walk.”

What is one piece of kitchen equipment you can’t live without?

My blender. I make my shakes and once a week, a fruit smoothie… that’s my treat.”

How do you fit Nutrisystem into your busy days?

“I organize my box as soon as it comes and put each day in a plastic bag. That way, no matter how busy I am, i just have to grab the bag and go! No excuses.”

What has Nutrisystem taught you about yourself as a person?

“That anyone with any situation can make this work because it does work. It’s given me the ability to remember how great I can be.”

What is your favorite thing about Nutrisystem?

“It’s so convenient. I own a business, have five kids and care for my wife who has Parkinson’s Disease. It’s critical that I can eat on the go.”

How has Nutrisystem changed your life?

“It has given me my kids back… meaning I can go out and play with them and I can keep up.”

Have you inspired anyone else you know to try Nutrisystem?

“My sister and brother-in-law joined and saw great success… and many of my customers.”

What’s your favorite breakfast?

“Blueberry Muffin.” (Get it here >)

Favorite lunch?

“Tuna Salad” (Get it here >)

How about dinner?

“Rotini & Meatballs” (Get it here >)


“Chocolate Pretzels” (Get them here >)

Which Nutrisystem Shake do you prefer, chocolate or vanilla? Do you add anything to it?

“Chocolate. And nope, it’s perfect!” (Get it here >)

*Real Success Story. Expect to lose an av. 1-2 lbs. per week. Results may vary based on starting weight and program adherence.