Why They Finally Decided to Try Nutrisystem & You Should, Too!

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As any dieter knows, weight loss involves much more than just small tweaks—it’s a complete revamping of habits. A lifestyle shift. An initial spark or extra kick to inspire change is essential.

So, what does this entail?

Well, the reason to stop overindulging in food can be very different for everyone. Whether the motivation is related to family, personal well-being or a deep set desire to prove the trickiest of battles possible—it is this incentive that leads to success down the line.

All of those that have experienced the meaningful results of weight loss with Nutrisystem are extremely open with their own personal journeys today. They know how overindulging can interfere with enjoying the greater things in life, and hope their reasons for calling it quits on unhealthy habits can provide some insight to others struggling.

There are some very commonly cited reasons Nutrisystem success stories have decided to get healthy and feel great as a result.

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Follow in our success stories’ footsteps with these five reasons to stop overindulging in food & try Nutrisystem today:

1. To take control of food addiction/obsession.

Ever feel like food has control of your life in a way you just can’t explain? You aren’t alone. There are many people struggling to find balance, as they are pressured to melt at the opportunity to delight in something deliciously dangerous. Cory G. says, “I simply got tired of letting food obsession ruin my life… I felt like life was passing me by.”

There’s no need to allow an obsession with food to take the reins in life. By focusing on the world outside of the items on your plate, you are able to take on the activities that make each day so special. Cory used to use food as a source of comfort, but since losing weight with Nutrisystem, she explains, “now I go to the party… and if I need a boost emotionally, I’ll work out or play guitar or pamper myself.”

Rebecca D. had a similar experience, with her diet leaving her largely unsatisfied. She says, “I was addicted to sugar. I would eat doughnut after doughnut and still be starving because my body needed nutrition, not more empty calories.”

Cory exudes happiness since she’s stopped overindulging in food!

2. To make clothing fit.

Rebecca D. says, “None of the clothes in my closet fit anymore, so I went to a store to try on clothes and get a few dresses for work. The largest sizes in the store did not fit me! I was going to have to go to a store for plus size in order to get a new dress! This was my moment I knew I had to make a change.”

It’s one thing to love soft, comfortable clothing, but it’s entirely different to live in it. It’s hard to feel good in your own skin when your favorite closet staples seem to be shrinking. And if time is of the essence, constantly scouring the mall for bigger sizes might not necessarily make it to the to-do list. Weight loss is wonderful because it allows people the opportunity to feel like themselves and not restricted by what’s covering their body.

There’s no stopping Rebecca D. now.

3. To enhance body image.

Being healthier makes you feel better. That’s just the way it works. You have more energy and confidence knowing that you are putting your best foot forward every step of the way. Being overweight can put a constant cloud over your head, interfering with the way you think and ultimately behave. It becomes so rooted in the way we engage in relationships that others pick up on it, too.

Laura A. says, “I finally decided to change my diet when I could no longer stand to look at myself in the mirror. My self-esteem was at an all-time low and I had weighed more than I ever did before. She adds that “high-sugar comfort foods” were “NOT worth the months of misery and lack of confidence.” We can agree that these choices can weigh you down in a number of ways.

Laura A. can flaunt it, totally carefree now!

4. To take a burden off of family and friends.

Obviously, you should want to lose weight for yourself. Most would agree that staying fit and striving for a healthy weight are ways to show yourself love. So, what about the ones you love? The people in life that care about your well-being also want what’s best for you. Joey M. explains that this was the source of his motivation. “My wife and I had lunch one day and she became very upset afterwards and told me that the path I was heading toward was not good. She said that she was really concerned for me because of my weight. She wanted to make sure that I was around for my son at the time, and that we could live a long healthy life together. I knew by the look on her face that I had to make a change.” And who could argue with that? Sometimes, what makes your close ones happiest is seeing you happy, with a clean bill of health.

Joey M., embraces a better life today with his family.

5. To make everyday tasks easier.

“For me, it was when I ran out of breath while just toweling off after a shower. Not to mention how hard it was to just climb one flight of stairs,” says Vanessa W. Making everyday activities easier is a fundamental result of a successful diet plan. When we choose to overindulge in foods that make us feel sick or lead to weight gain, even the smallest, most simple parts of our day grow more complicated. Those times running up and down the stairs for fun as a kid certainly feel distant when walking up and down the floors of a home, let alone an office building, can be a bear.

Breathlessness, lack of energy, and just an all around feeling of being weighed down can take the enjoyment out of the things you love and make tasks you never really thought much about (like toweling off in the shower) a cause for concern.

vanessa washington
“My biggest motivation is remembering how awful I felt at 224 pounds— barely able to walk up a flight of stairs without losing my breath.”