You Won’t Believe Their Nutrisystem Weight Loss!

Article posted in: Success Stories - Women

You know that Nutrisystem helps you lose weight and feel great. But take a look at this video of Danica and Gracie, who lost a total of 92 pounds between them. They both reaped rewards from a Nutrisystem success story contest, and now you can, too. If you have a Nutrisystem weight loss story to tell, share your story as part of The $40,000 NutriStar Giveaway and you could be one of four #NutriStarGiveaway winners to receive $10,000 plus a chance to star in a commercial with a Nutrisystem celebrity! Enter now for your chance to win!


Gracie: My name is Gracie, and I lost 32 pounds on Nutrisystem.

Danica: My name is Danica, and I’ve lost 60 pounds with Nutrisystem.

Gracie: When I found out I ended up winning the getaway contest, I got a call and I was like, “What did you say? Like I won?” And I went inside and I said, “Mom, I just won $10,000.00. How is that possible?” Of course, I called my husband, and he was like, “Well, yeah. You worked hard for it.” I’m like, “Of course.” [Laughter]

Danica: It’s been fantastic. I feel so good to not be sweating in the dressing room trying to put on a pair of pants or a shirt. I can try so many different styles that I would never think 60 pounds before that I would even attempt to put on. My body just feels better, looks better and I feel like I’m influencing inspiring my friends.