10 “Sunday Funday” Activities That Will Boost Your Weight Loss

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Sunday Funday

Don’t let the “Sunday scaries” ruin your weight loss week ahead. Stay active and focus on the hard work you’ve already put in by getting out of the house for Sunday Funday! We know the thought of a full week of work, taking care of the kids, cooking, cleaning and staying on track with your Nutrisystem plan can seem exhausting. But by keeping yourself busy and your eyes on the prize, you can boost your weight loss on Sundays, too!

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Check out these 10 Sunday Funday activities to keep your weight loss goals moving:

1. Hit the local park or beach.

beach day

There’s nothing quite like an awesome outdoor space to get you motivated to stay active. Pack up the family—and of course, some healthy snacks and plenty of water—and head to your nearest park or beach for Sunday Funday. At the park, enjoy the walking or biking trails or even a game of frisbee. At the beach, take a long, sandy stroll or hop in the water and catch some waves. Either way, you’ll torch calories while getting in some quality time with the family.

2. Enjoy a Flex meal out.


Saved a Flex breakfast for the diner? That’s great! Just order a veggie-packed omelet with a little cheese and a side of fruit and you’re all set for a satisfying Sunday breakfast you won’t have to regret. Or maybe you’ve saved your Flex meal for a healthy lunch or dinner at your favorite restaurant. No matter what your favorite cuisine, there are many ways to stay on track and ensure you’re making good choices while dining out. Check out the Nutrisystem Dining Out Guide for tips and tricks!

3. Get a good stretch.

Couple stretching

Stretching is important because it keeps the muscles flexible and strong. This not only helps maintain a good range of motion in the joints but also decreases your risk for joint pain, strain and muscle damage, according to Harvard Health. Use some of your free time on Sunday to try a new yoga video or even take a class. You’ll get your body feeling stretched—and refreshed—before heading into another week. Of course, it’ll be a lot more fun if you grab a buddy to try it out with you. When it comes to Sunday Funday, the more the merrier!

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4. Stimulate your (other) senses.


With so many summer treat temptations lurking around every corner, it can be challenging to stay on track. But taste isn’t the only sense you have to focus on. Feast your eyes on some artwork at the local museum, catch a matinee at the movie theater, or head to a baseball game. You could even visit a flower garden to take in some of the beautiful scents of summer’s finest flowers or treat your ears to some live music at a local concert. There is so much to do in the summer that it doesn’t need to all center around food.

5. Get picky.

get picky

Round up a few friends or family members and head on over to a local farm to pick fresh produce for your Sunday Funday activity. Berries like blueberries, strawberries, or raspberries are in-season and extra delicious in the summertime. Then head home to kick it up in the kitchen making meals and snacks from your healthy haul. We have lots of recipe ideas for you, including these Blueberry Burst Energy Balls, a Raspberry Almond Smoothie Bowl or this delicious Strawberry Feta Spinach Salad. You can feel good knowing that your fruit is fresh and that you’ve made some treats that won’t put your diet on a detour.

6. Cool off in the pool.


There’s no reason that your summertime activities have to mean being hot and sweaty. Instead, you can cool off while also burning calories by getting active in the pool. Don’t have one in your backyard? No worries! Visit your community or gym pool to swim some laps or even just splash around and get active with the kids. You’ll burn calories without even realizing it. You could even try out a water workout class such as water aerobics or water cycling, if your gym offers them. Or, just get involved with a game of pick-up water volleyball to keep moving and keep the calories coming off.

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7. Head to the water park.

water park

Want to kick your Sunday up a notch? Instead of heading to the local pool, why not hit the water park? After climbing hundreds and hundreds of stairs you’ll feel good about getting a killer leg workout and burning some serious calories in the process. Plus, all that hard work is worth it when you get to blast down some amazingly fun water slides.

8. Hit the batting cages.

batting cages

The batting cages aren’t just a place for kids to better their swing. Getting out there and hitting some balls is a fun activity to do on your own—or with your friends—and an easy way to shave calories. Swinging works your shoulders, arms and even your core. Plus, there’s some great stress relief involved in making contact with the ball. It’ll feel good for your mind and body to smack some homers—or even just a few base hits!

9. Consider a cookout.

Family Cookout

Having a cookout is such a fun way to spend a Sunday with family and friends. But cookouts can also be a diet trap, chock full of many high-calorie food choices. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Host your own cookout and toss some veggie kebabs and lean proteins on the grill for a healthy way to kick back while catching up with friends and family. Let us help you make healthier choices—from building a better burger to making some of these healthy sides. There’s absolutely no reason you have to give up your summer cookouts when making just a few small changes will help keep you on track.

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10. Pick up a racquet.

sunday funday

Whether you’re a novice or an active player, a game of tennis is a great way to burn some calories during Sunday Funday. Tennis is an excellent activity for its cardio factor—but it has social benefits as well. You can enjoy some time with a friend—or maybe even three if you want to play doubles—while getting fit in the process. It’s a win all around.