We Have the Perfect Bikini for Your Body Type

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The first flowers of spring are just blooming—and in many parts of America, there’s still snow on the ground—but swimsuit season is looming, even if you’re still wearing sweaters and Uggs. Whether you’re hoping to slim down before summer comes or you’ve already got your ideal body, the right swimsuit can flaunt what you’ve got and leave you glowing with confidence. “Stand up straight, shoulders back, and walk with confidence—channel your inner supermodel,” says Diana Kelly, a fashion, fitness, and health journalist based in New York. That becomes even easier when you know the suit you’re wearing is perfectly suited for you. Use these tips from three fashion experts to find a suit that will make this your most confident summer ever on the sand.

Your body type: Large bust
Choose: A bra-style top with thick, adjustable straps says Pamela Pekerman, a TV style personality who offers tips at PiecesofPam.com. And look for a top that will ensure full coverage, too. “My trick is to make sure the fabric of your bathing suit top is at least the length of the thickness of two of your fingers,” she says, a distance that should be about 1.5 inches. Another trick: Look for flat straps to be embellished, says Donna Burke, a managing partner and personal shopper at AtlantaActivewear.com. You’ll “pull focus away from your chest and provide a lift to make your waist appear smaller, too.”

Your body type: Pear-shaped
Choose: A bottom that doesn’t add bulk, says Burke. “Look for string bikini bottoms if you’re comfortable in those, or find bottoms with adjustable sliders that make the side of the suit thinner,” she says. Kelly suggests focusing on your upper body: “Consider a one-piece with a deep v-neck or halter style that adds interest to the top,” she says, and suggests pairing it with a black or dark-hued bottom.

Your body type: Athletic/square shoulders
Choose: A suit that adds the illusion of curves. Pekerman suggests “one-pieces that have thick, contrasting color bands that curve into the abs area to create that shapely, Coke-bottle body.” If you’re looking for a two-piece, “stay away from tops that create the same square shape as your shoulders,” says Burke. “Thinner straps will work better for you and keep your shoulders looking slimmer.”

Your body type: You’d like to cover your stomach
Choose: A suit that draws attention upward, says Kelly. “Look for a halter-style top or one-shoulder or fancy straps,” she says. “Diagonal stripes on a one-piece or tankini can be flattering here as well.” Plunging V-necks can also draw the eye up, says Pekerman. “Also, a retro-style high-waisted bottom with built-in shapewear is truly a miracle creation,” she says. “Pair it with a polka dot print top to complete the 1950s vibe.”

Your body type: A short torso
Choose: An X-pattern to lengthen your middle, says Kelly. A low-rise bottom can help, too, says Burke. “If you’re self-conscious about your stomach, try a monokini with waist cut-outs that will hit lower than your natural waist, making your torso appear longer,” she says.