BUSTED: 5 Mind-Blowing Weight Loss Myths Dispelled with Nutrisystem

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There’s so much diet information out there that starting on your weight loss journey can be daunting. And there’s so much MIS-information floating around that deciding what’s going to help—or hurt—your efforts to drop unwanted pounds can be downright confusing. We call anything that doesn’t have substantial science behind it a weight loss myth.

Here are five common weight loss diet myths you might believe, and information about how Nutrisystem can help you lose weight in spite of them:

Weight Loss Myth 1: You’re resigned to a life of kale and quinoa.


The Truth: You don’t have to give up your favorite foods to lose weight fast. Nutrisystem offers healthier takes on all your favorites, like pizza, pasta, burgers, macaroni and cheese, and even desserts like ice cream. Check out the entire menu here >

The secret is portion control: Nutrisystem’s meals are perfectly portioned so that you can enjoy all of these foods, but have just the right amount to fuel your body and your weight loss.

Weight Loss Myth 2: You’ll have to spend your whole life in the gym.


The Truth: Multiple studies have shown that diet is far more important to weight loss than exercise—in fact, exercise alone doesn’t usually result in weight loss at all: In a year-long study published in The New England Journal of Medicine, study participants who exercised without changing their nutrition lost just one percent of their body weight, while those who dieted without exercising in the same study lost 10 percent of their body weight

The math on this is simple: It takes about five miles of walking for the average person to burn 400 calories—a workout that could take an hour or more. It’s much easier to reduce your caloric intake by that much—skip two pieces of plain pizza, and you’ll have had 400 fewer calories in your day.

With Nutrisystem you don’t have to work out to lose weight or skip your favorite foods—just eat the pizzas, pastas and other Nutrisystem foods > and follow our recommendations, and you’ll still drop pounds. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t exercise, though: Studies show that regular exercise can reduce your risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, strengthen your bones, and actually reduce your risk of death. You can get all these benefits with just 30 minutes of light exercise per day—and it doesn’t even have to be all at once. Nutrisystem’s “My Daily 3” activity plan recommends three sessions of 10 minutes each. Those sessions could consist of walking the dog, raking leaves, gardening or putting on your favorite tunes for a living room boogie session. Check out this article for details on Nutrisystem’s My Daily 3 >

Weight Loss Myth 3: You’ll have to spend hours in the grocery store and the kitchen.

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The Truth: Not with Nutrisystem! Nutrisystem delivers perfectly portioned diet meals right to your door, including ready-to-eat options that are perfect for when you’re low on time or a craving strikes, as well as easy to prepare options that need little more than a microwave—meaning they’re perfect to bring to the office and stash in your desk for a hot, healthy lunch that will keep you on track.

And because the meals are perfectly portioned, it’s not just shopping and cooking that are taken out of the equation—it’s measuring and guessing if you’re eating the right amount. Nutrisystem’s weight loss meals are the right size to give your body the proper nutrition you need to lose weight, so you can eat with confidence, feel fulfilled and get back to your day. Ready to make life easier? Check out our Nutrisystem meal plans here >

Weight Loss Myth 4: You’ll be starving.

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The Truth: Just because a portion is controlled, doesn’t mean it’s not satisfying. It’s just got to have the right nutrients to fuel your body. Nutrisystem’s weight loss meal plans are designed with the perfect balance of carbs, fat and protein to help keep you satiated as you lose weight. One secret is fiber. Fiber makes you feel full and then controls the speed of digestion so you feel fuller, longer. Nutrisystem’s foods are specially made with this filling nutrient, and it can help you lose that stubborn fat around your belly: For every 10 grams of the filling nutrient you eat, you could have as much as four percent less fat around your middle.

With Nutrisystem, you’ll also be eating often—six times per day. So you’ll rarely feel hungry before it’s time for your next planned meal or snack. And if you’re really famished, there are more options. Nutrisystem’s grocery guide lists vegetables that you can eat at any time—and as much as you’d like. Check out Nutrisystem’s grocery guide here >

Weight Loss Myth 5: Once you stop dieting, you’ll gain all the weight back.

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The Truth: It’s true that as many as 90 percent of people who lose weight gain some or all of it back, according to The New York Times. But Nutrisystem is designed to help you not only lose weight, but keep it off. Not only does the diet program include delicious fully prepared weight loss foods like pizzas and pastas, Nutrisystem also includes flex meals and snacks. These “flex” options are diet meals you prepare or order when you’re dining out that are on-plan, training you to know what a healthy meal looks like so that when the diet’s over, you’ll still be able to maintain your weight loss and have the foods you enjoy—whether that’s in a restaurant or your own kitchen.

Plus, Nutrisystem offers transition and maintenance plans designed to help you keep weight off once you hit your weight loss goal. And if you’ve got a question about a flex meal, about maintaining weight or even about including Nutrisystem snacks in your post-diet journey, Nutrisystem’s expertly-trained Weight Loss Coaches are just a toll-free phone call away, always ready to give you diet tips, answer questions and offer the motivation you need to succeed in maintaining your healthy lifestyle.

What are you waiting for? Make the decision to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle today! >