How to Order at an American Restaurant

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Avoid this…

While fried foods, creamy pastas and home-style dinners are popular at diners and family-style restaurants, these are the very types of food you should avoid. Steer clear of Alfredo sauce, burgers, fried foods, melts, cream-based soups, cheesy meals or anything that is “jumbo” or “stacked” or “piled high.” These buzz words are popular at the American restaurant where customers are often looking to get a lot of food for their dollar. But this mindset is detrimental to your healthy diet. Worry less about getting your money’s worth and more about a healthy meal that will leave you feeling satisfied without getting you off track.

You should also be careful if you’re ordering a salad. Depending upon the dressing, some salads may be packed with fat and calories. Add-ons like bacon, cheese, fried tortilla or wonton strips and croutons have a big impact on decreasing a salad’s health factor. Even healthy toppings like sunflower seeds, nuts and dried fruit can really jack up the calorie count if you’re not careful. Salads at restaurants tend to also come as extra-large portions.

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Order this…

The best choices for your Nutrisystem weight loss plan are likely going to be options like chicken dishes, fajitas, fish dishes, broth-based soups, vegetarian selections or salads. How the food is prepared is also important. Look for food that is baked, blackened, broiled, charbroiled or roasted. If you opt for a salad, choose low-fat or fat-free dressings. Pick toppings like grilled shrimp or chicken breast. Also choose salads that have lots of greens and non-starchy vegetables like tomatoes, green peppers and cucumbers.

Ask for this…

When eating out at an American restaurant, don’t be afraid to ask for a special order that will help keep you on track. You might ask if the kitchen can add more vegetables, hold the sour cream or mayonnaise, put the dressing on the side, replace your French fries with fruit or a side salad or even serve an appetizer or kid’s meal as your adult entrée.

Some simple substitutions and some advanced planning will go a long way in setting you up for success when ordering at an American restaurant. You might be surprised just how much you enjoy some of the healthy options available at these places—options you might not have otherwise tried. At the end of the day, you’re still able to enjoy the social aspect of dining out with family and friends—all without having a negative impact on your healthy eating habits.

Check out this handy guide to better understand what you should be ordering and avoiding while out to eat:

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