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How do I change my start date, starting weight or plan in NuMi?

How to Change Your Start Date and/or Reset Your Plan

Didn’t start when you planned to? You can change your start date by restarting your plan. Tap “More” in the bottom right corner, then “Settings.” Tap “Plan Settings” and select “Restart Plan.” From there, you can set your start date up to 30 days before or after today. This will allow you to track your progress from exactly when you started your Nutrisystem Program.

To reset or restart your plan, you’ll follow the same process as above. Go to the “Plan Settings” page and select “Restart Plan.” Then, you can select your new start date, starting weight and goal weight.

How to Change Your Starting Weight

Go to the “Progress” tab and tap the top left number that says, “All Time Starting Weight.” Enter a new starting weight and tap “Save” in the top right. If you made a mistake when you entered it, then use this! If you’re restarting your plan, we’d recommend using the “Restart Plan” functionality instead.

How to Change Your Plan in NuMi

Maybe you selected the wrong plan, or decided to personalize! To change your plan in NuMi, tap “More” in the bottom right corner of the screen. Select “Settings” then tap “Plan Settings.” Click on your current plan name and select “Change Plan” to pick a new plan. This will also reset your start date to the new date you choose between 30 days before or after the current date.

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