Fitness Favorite: Hip Raises for a Tighter Tush

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If toning your tush is on your list of weight loss to-dos, add this move to your fitness routine.

Hip raises isolate the hinging of the hips, making it one of the best for targeting and strengthening butt muscles, according to Alissa Rumsey, MS, certified strength and conditioning specialist. Glutes are important for hip flexibility and movement, so if you spend most of your day sitting, those muscles can get weak.

Another name for this booty-shaping move: the glute bridge.

Gluteal muscles, as well as abs, lower back and hamstrings

Step 1: Lie on your back, with your knees bent and feet flat. Tighten your abs and flatten your lower back into the floor.
Step 2: Exhale and lift your hips up, tightening your glutes until your abs and thighs are in a straight line. From the side, your body should resemble a triangle. Hold at the top, squeezing your glutes for a count of
Step 3: Inhale and slowly lower your back down to the starting position. [If possible, don’t let your butt touch the floor between reps, keeping your glutes and abs tight through the whole set.]

SUGGESTED REPS: Start with 8 to 12.