“Allergic” to Exercise? 5 Fitness Tips You Won’t Hate

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Woman tying shoelace before workout

We have all seen the studies on how exercise is beneficial to our health, and we know that an active lifestyle helps with weight loss and maintenance. But, even though logic tells us we should get moving, there are times when we can feel flat out opposed to exercise.

When your motivation checks out, you need some strategies that push you to get moving anyway. Sometimes it’s just about using mind-over-matter techniques and other times it’s about incorporating exercise in things you already do during your daily routine.

Nutrisystem Weight Loss Coach Jeff Chiarelli shares some of his favorite fitness tips for those who might be feeling “allergic” to exercise. Keep these ideas handy for when motivation is in short supply.

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1. Love it.

To lay the foundation for a regular, successful fitness routine, decide what type of exercise you will find pleasure in doing. “If you don’t love it you will stop doing it,” says Jeff. “Find exercise you enjoy doing. This will make it easier to make it a habit. If you force yourself to go to the gym, you’re going to stop going. Find a group fitness class or go on a walk with a friend to make it more enjoyable.”

2. Start out slow.

Avoid pushing yourself too quickly, too soon. This can result in injury and bring your weight loss routine to a halt. Instead, work your way up to a regular exercise program. “Nutrisystem has My Daily 3, which breaks exercise down into three- to 10-minute segments throughout the day,” Jeff explains. “Simply going for a 10-minute walk between meals or while you’re on break at work will get the endorphins going.”

3. Stand up.

Instead of staying stationary, stand up and try to keep moving. “Finding ways to be on your feet longer throughout the day can burn more calories,” Jeff says. “Standing between commercials is a great first step. Just make sure the next step isn’t to the refrigerator. These calories burned quickly add up and can make a difference each week on Nutrisystem.”

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4. Watch TV.

Yes, you read that correctly! “Go ahead and watch that show,” says Jeff. “…At the gym on the treadmill with your headphones. We can still enjoy our favorite TV programs, but why not burn some calories while watching it? You can still text your best friend after the show about what happened, but make sure you also let them know how many calories you just burned!”

5. Make a plan.

Be sure to incorporate exercise into your schedule just like you do with plans and appointments. Jeff suggests, “Start out exercising four times a week. Give yourself a limit of two cancellations allowed per month. Having this schedule will limit excuses and fit them into your daily routine.”