Announcing the Nutrisystem EveryBody $50,000 Giveaway!

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Nutrisystem EveryBody $50,000 Giveaway

Nutrisystem members come from all walks of life, each with a unique and inspiring story to share. Get ready to cheer each other on and celebrate your amazing accomplishments with the Nutrisystem EveryBody $50,000 Giveaway! We’re honored to show our appreciation for your hard work and dedication with this exciting contest—because every weight loss journey deserves to be celebrated!

We’re giving away $50,000 in cash prizes to real people (just like you!) who have had success on Nutrisystem. No matter how much weight you’ve lost, your story matters. You’ve been working hard and we want to hear about it.

It’s easy to enter: Head on over to to read the official rules and enter for your chance to win. Online entries will be accepted until Friday, June 2nd.

Even if you haven’t reached your goal, you’re already winning and have an inspiring story to share. Success comes in so many different forms. Every step forward, every change in habit, every little victory is worth celebrating because they all contribute to your overall success. Whether it’s feeling more energetic, being more active or fitting into an old pair of jeans, all of your accomplishments matter. The benefits you’re already experiencing go way beyond any number on the scale.

There are so many non-scale victories to celebrate, such as:

  • Feeling healthier
  • Keeping up with the kids
  • Improved energy levels
  • The way your clothes fit differently
  • Building healthy habits – as small or big as they may be
  • Improved confidence
  • Being more active
  • Eating more vegetables and balanced meals
  • Watching your family adopt healthier habits because you are
  • Learning to listen to your body’s hunger and fullness cues
  • Improving your relationship to food
  • And many more!

Now more than ever, your Nutrisystem success story is worth sharing. It’s time to submit your story to us and inspire others to make positive changes, while potentially winning your share of $50,000 in cash.

Any Nutrisystem customer is eligible to enter this giveaway. Simply submit your weight loss success story, as well as before and after photos of yourself, and you could be one of the 10 winners selected. Everyone has a story to tell—and a chance to win. Let’s celebrate together!

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*Inspiring Nutrisystem success stories will be selected to win cash! Six stories (3 male/3 female) will each win $5,000, and two sets of partners will win $10,000 each. Online entries will be accepted from Monday April 24th until Friday, June 2nd at 11:59pm ET. Terms and Conditions apply.