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Welcome to The Leaf, Nutrisystem’s helpful weight loss blog! We designed this site to help you navigate Nutrisystem and maximize your weight loss success. From hundreds of healthy snack and flex meal recipes, to specific nutrition, fitness and lifestyle tips, we’ve got everything you need to lose weight and live healthy… all in one spot!

Here’s a general overview of everything you’ll find on the site:


In this category, you’ll find a Diet & Nutrition section as well as a Fitness, Lifestyle and For Customers section.

In the Diet & Nutrition section, you’ll find weight loss tips (stories like “Foods That Beat Belly Fat,” “7 Superfoods You Need in Your Diet,” and “Foods That Will Leave You Fuller… Longer”), food selection and preparation help, plus educational pieces like “How to Read a Nutrition Label” and more! Whether you’re looking to lose weight or just want to live healthier, you’ll want to check this section daily!

In the Fitness section, you’ll find instructional fitness videos, plus activity suggestions for every fitness level—whether you’re a bit of a couch potato, or you’re prepping to run a 10K.

The Lifestyle section is packed with all kinds of general wellness tips. From “How to Get More Sleep,” to “How to Tell if You’re Dehydrated,” you’ll get information designed to help you adopt a healthier lifestyle. After all, eating better isn’t the only piece of the healthy pie!

The For Customers section is an expanded take on what was previously the NutriCorner. In this new and improved section, you’ll be able to select the weight loss program you’re on, and get diet tips and support specifically for you. We even have new content for those who’ve made the switch to maintenance mode… just click on “Nutrisystem Success.”


The Recipes tab is packed with all of your favorite healthy recipes in four easy categories:

The inspirational and informative weight loss blog is home to hundreds of healthy, plan-friendly recipes. It’s got four different categories of recipes:

1. Tasty Takes on Nutrisystem Meals: Creative (and delicious!) ways to transform your Nutrisystem foods.
2. Flex Lunches & Dinners: Delicious flex meal ideas for when you’re on your own or want to cook for the family.
3. Healthy Sides & Snacks: Tasty side dishes, snacks and veggies that pair perfectly with Nutrisystem entrees and add more nutrition—and more flavor—into your day.
4. Shakes & Smoothies: Delicious and creamy, these shake and smoothie recipes will taste more like dessert you can drink!

On The Leaf, you can filter by meal occasion or type of recipe. So if you want to see all of the lunch recipes on the site, you will just select the recipe filter and then check the “Lunch” box.Recipe filter

We’ve also added a play button overlay to any recipes that include videos… so you don’t have to sort through our huge library of recipes to find those that come with video.

In addition, we’re working hard to add calorie counts to all of our recipes so that you know exactly what you’re getting with each meal. This will make using NuMi even easier!


Under this tab, you’ll find Success Stories and Celebrity Stories. In the Success Stories section, we’ll serve up a few inspirational stories at a time, but will also provide links to more Nutrisystem success stories about our “Before & Afters,” so you can get to know them even better. In the Celebrity Stories section, you can meet our Nutrisystem celebrity ambassadors and get inspired by their weight loss tips, tricks and stories.


This tab is to help folks understand how our Nutrisystem programs work. This is a perfect place to send a friend or relative who has been wowed by your impressive progress and wants to learn if Nutrisystem could work for them. We have information on our Weight Loss Programs as well as our Transition and Maintenance programs.


We want to get to know you better, so on The Leaf, you’ll find more interactive quizzes and polls. We’ll use your (anonymous!) answers to help craft upcoming articles, so share away!

In addition to fun features like quizzes and polls, we’ve also got plenty of “how to” and recipe videos, which you can identify by the play button overlay on any stories that contain video.

You’ll also find that we’ll be featuring some guest bloggers in the coming weeks. From real customers just like you, who want to share their diet tips and advice, to gardening experts who will share how to grow your own healthy produce, we’ll have something for everyone!

So be sure to check out The Leaf every day (fresh content is added daily!). And as always, happy healthy living!