How to Have a Healthier Week

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A big part of living healthy and losing weight is being well prepared. In fact, in a study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine in 2014, researchers found that the more time people spent preparing foods at home, the higher their diet quality, and the more frequent their of vegetables, salads and fruits. Folks who spent less than an hour a day on food preparation not only spent more money on food away from home, they also visited fast food restaurants far more often.

If you’re on Nutrisystem, most of the prep work has already been done for you—you’ve got your meals and snacks covered. But you should be adding in fresh grocery items like fruits, veggies and lean proteins. So whether you’re a Nutrisystem customer or not, you could definitely benefit from taking some time today to prep healthy options for the week. Here’s how:

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Make a List
Research suggests that heading to the store with a grocery list in hand could be the difference between a healthy week and complete diet destruction. In a study Published in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior in 2015, shoppers who regularly made grocery lists made higher quality food choices and had lower body weights. Just don’t get groceries when hungry: according to a study published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine in 2013, grocery shoppers who head to the store hungry bought 31 percent more high-calorie foods. Stay on track by planning out your meals and snacks for the week and honing in on what you’ll need to make them happen. Then take inventory of what’s missing from your kitchen and compile a list. You won’t just make healthier decisions, you’ll be a faster and more efficient shopper.

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Wash, Chop, Package and Repeat
As soon as you arrive home from the store, set to work prepping your produce for the week. Chop up your veggies and fruits and portion them out into enough individual containers for the week. You’ll be glad you did when hectic mornings have you flying through the kitchen in search of quick grab-and-go snacks to throw in your lunch bag. If you’re planning a chicken dish for tomorrow night, throw your poultry in a marinade now, when you have the time to prep it. Consider throwing a bunch of veggies, seasonings and broth into your slow cooker tonight and wake up tomorrow to a delicious and hearty soup that will provide enough leftovers to last you a few days.

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Launder and Lay Out Your Workout Clothes
This one isn’t about food, but it’s certainly important: make sure you wash your workout clothes for the week and leave them in an easily accessible place along with your headphones and sneakers to make for easy grabbing when the active mood strikes. Be sure to wash your water bottle and fill it up with water and ice. Take some time tonight to review your schedule for the week and settle on at least a few days in which you could work in a workout. Set calendar reminders in your phone an hour before go-time so you can’t forget your commitment to fitness.