#HealthyHowTo: Make Flavored Ice Cubes

Article posted in: Diet & Nutrition
frozen strawberries in ice cubes

With warmer weather (finally!) closing in, BBQs and cookouts are on the horizon. Impress all your guests with delicious and beautiful ice cubes featuring all of your favorite healthy fruit and herb combos.

Don’t just save these flavored ice cubes for fancy occasions! They are a great addition for those of us who get a little bored of plain water day in and day out.

You can use a muffin tin to create ice cubes with slices of lemon, orange or grapefruit. Throw in some fresh herbs like mint! These large cubes are perfect for large water pitchers. You can also use a regular ice cube tray to make smaller ice cubes for a personal water bottle. Just slice your fruit a little smaller to make sure the ice cubes fit in your water bottle.