How to Go to the Movies and Stay on Track

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Winter is a great time to hit the theater. It’s the perfect activity to escape the cold and catch the oscar-nominated films hitting wide release or the latest animated flick with the kids. Plus, this time of year offers less crowds than the holiday season.

But with a trip to the movies comes the dreaded allure of the snack bar. Besides being tough on your wallet, the vastly unhealthy selection at theaters can wreak havoc on the healthy habits you’ve worked so hard to establish. Luckily, there are easy tricks to transform you from a giant soda, jumbo popcorn moviegoer to a savvy snacker that even the harshest critic would give two thumbs up.

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Eat before you go. When you’re hungry, your willpower to choose healthy options greatly diminishes. But, if you eat a well-balanced meal before you arrive you can avoid the snack area altogether. Those tempting sugary treats have got nothing on you if you plan ahead.

Bring your own snacks. If snacking while watching is half the joy for you, then just prepare and pack your own options instead of relying on the theater’s selections. Bring some chopped veggies to nosh on or try some of Nutrisystem’s guilt-free alternatives to theater offerings like our White Cheddar Popcorn, Pretzel Nuggets or Butter Popcorn.

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Choose this, not that. If you must purchase something at the theater, commit to snacking wisely. Purchase the popcorn sans butter. Share your treats with friends to control your portion intake. If you are thirsty, opt for sparkling water instead of a sugary soda. This way, you aren’t depriving yourself. You’re just creating boundaries that allow you to indulge in a balanced manner.

Check out this handy guide to better understand what you should order and avoid while at the movies:

Movie theaters eating out guide