How to Order at A Mexican Restaurant

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Mexico boasts a unique and flavorful cuisine steeped in history and bursting with native ingredients dating back to the Aztecs. It’s no wonder Mexican food is so popular. And while we encourage you to stick with your Nutrisystem meal plan if you’re trying to lose weight, we acknowledge that it’s possible you may find yourself in a Mexican restaurant at some point on your health journey.

Instead of raining on your parade when life presents you with the opportunity to enjoy the company of others, we’d rather arm you with the tools to survive your next Mexican fiesta without derailing your health goals.

Order This…

The good news is, you won’t be sacrificing any taste with these healthy dishes as Mexican food is packed with flavorful herbs and spices. Indulge in the guacamole but limit yourself to two tablespoons.

For soup, try chicken tortilla, gazpacho or black bean.

For entrees, try veggie-friendly fajitas, chili con carne, chicken, beef or shrimp enchiladas or soft tacos with fish, chicken or lean beef.

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Served With…

Experiment with the different array of salsas offered, like pico de gallo (mild), verde (medium), salsa roja (hot), or mango (sweet). There are so many different flavors for your taste buds to experience so feel free to try them all!

Ask For…

To ensure your meal hits the mark health-wise, ask for it grilled, simmered, marinated or wrapped in a corn tortilla. You can always customize your meal to fit your health needs. Ask for both the guacamole (high in fat) and enchilada sauce (high in sugar and sodium) on the side so you can control your intake. Request extra salsa and skip the fried shell tostadas when ordering a salad.

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Avoid This…

Just say no gracias to the nachos, refried beans, chorizo (Mexican sausage), sour cream and anything con queso (with cheese). Avoid all fried foods, including the tortilla chips. Although margaritas can sometimes be synonymous with Mexican cuisine, it’s best to avoid the high-calorie, high-sodium temptation all together. If you do imbibe, try club soda and fresh lime juice as a low-cal alternative mixer.

Check out this handy guide to better understand what you should be ordering and avoiding while out to eat:

Mexican food eating out guide