Prioritize Your Health: The True Value of Weight Loss

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We’re all feeling the pinch of higher costs these days. Rising prices at the gas pump, the supermarket, restaurants, and just about everywhere else mean most of us are watching our budgets more carefully than ever.

Good news: losing excess weight can save you money in a variety of ways. Better yet, being healthier and happier is priceless.

Here’s why you should prioritize your health, and how your weight loss journey is the best deal for you and your bank account.

Lifetime Savings

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When obese 40-year-old adults shed enough pounds to reach the normal weight for people of their height and body type, they can save over $31,000 over the remaining years of their lives, according to a study by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. These savings come from reducing spending on healthcare, food, clothing, transportation and more.

Reduced Medical Costs

Being overweight is directly linked to higher costs for healthcare, says a study by the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy. The researchers found that the effects of obesity led to increased expenditures in every category of care, including inpatient, outpatient, and prescription drugs. An obese person’s medical care can be almost twice that of people who are at their healthy weight, the report notes.

Lower Insurance Premiums

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Because of the increased costs for care, health insurance providers often charge overweight people more for their coverage. Some estimates have found that people who are obese can expect pay to 25 to 50 percent more than people who are not. Life insurance companies typically charge higher than average rates for overweight people, too.

More Workdays

Research, published by The George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services, found that people who are obese are more likely to miss days of work due to illness or injury. This affects your income directly if you are an hourly worker. Losing excess weight improves your overall health and your earnings.

Waste Less

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One of the keys to successful weight loss is managing your portion sizes. Rather than trying to just cut out certain types of foods, you can enjoy almost anything when you learn how much is the right amount for you.

Nutrisystem weight loss plans teach you about portion control. Then when you shop and prepare food, you’ll find you’re spending less and wasting less because you know how much you need.

Plan for Success

Many people attempt to lose weight on their own, trying out fad diets and buying diet products in the grocery store and the pharmacy. But those efforts are very unlikely to make a difference, according to a study, published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine.

The researchers found that joining a commercial weight loss program, is much more effective than dieting on your own. It’s also a wiser, more efficient use of your money since it will produce the results you want. Consider a weight loss program like Nutrisystem for help with delicious meals, motivation and support throughout your journey.

Bottom Line

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All these calculations can help you save money and get more for your buck. Losing excess weight reduces your health risks, amps up your energy levels so you can enjoy your life more, and eases stress. When you prioritize your health and you are feeling good, everything in your life seems a little shinier. Isn’t that the best value?

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