Spicy Mango Smoothie

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Spicy Mango Smoothie

Dive into a delicious twist on your smoothie routine with our Spicy Mango Smoothie! Perfect for those who like a bit of heat with their sweet, this concoction combines succulent mango chunks with the smooth, satisfying boost of Nutrisystem protein powder and a fiery kick of cayenne pepper or Tajin. It’s not only tantalizingly tasty but also designed to support your wellness goals, making it a perfect pick-me-up at any time of day.

Whether you’re looking to spice up your breakfast, need a vibrant post-workout refreshment, or simply crave a healthy snack that doesn’t skimp on flavor, this Spicy Mango Smoothie promises to deliver. Let’s explore how you can whip up this tropical treat and enjoy a burst of energy that tastes like sunshine in a glass.

Spicy Mango Smoothie Nutritional Overview

Introducing the Spicy Mango Smoothie—a tantalizing treat that combines sweet, spice and everything nice into one delicious glass. Perfect for anyone following the Nutrisystem program, this smoothie counts as one SmartCarb and one PowerFuel. Each serving contains approximately 220 calories, making it a nutritious choice that doesn’t compromise on flavor.

Healthy Ingredients in Spicy Mango Smoothie

The ingredients list is straightforward yet packed with a punch. You’ll need one serving of Nutrisystem Shake Mix, which can be either vanilla or chocolate, depending on your preference. Add one cup of mango chunks—fresh or frozen, as long as there’s no added sugar.

To bring the heat, include a quarter teaspoon of cayenne pepper or Tajin, depending on how spicy you like it. Finally, blend with one cup of cold water and half a cup of ice if you’re using fresh mangoes.

How to Make a Spicy Mango Protein Smoothie

To prepare, simply place all the ingredients into a blender. Blend them until smooth, ensuring the mango and ice are completely pulverized into a creamy, smooth texture. The result? A spicy, sweet smoothie that energizes your day and spices up your diet routine. Whether you’re looking for a quick breakfast option or a refreshing post-workout treat, this Spicy Mango Smoothie is sure to satisfy.

Elevating Your Spicy Mango Smoothie Experience

To take your Spicy Mango Smoothie to the next level, consider these creative and delicious additions that enhance both flavor and nutritional value:

Add Fresh Herbs

Introducing fresh herbs can transform your smoothie. A sprig of mint or basil complements the mango’s sweetness while adding a refreshing twist. For those who enjoy a more exotic flair, a small amount of cilantro can pair surprisingly well with the cayenne or Tajin.

Create a Tajin Rim for a Festive Touch

Adding a Tajin rim to your Spicy Mango Smoothie glass elevates the visual appeal and enhances the flavor profile with every sip. Tajin, a popular Mexican seasoning made from a blend of chili peppers, lime and salt, complements the tropical and spicy notes of the smoothie perfectly.

To create a Tajin rim, start by slicing a lime and running it around the rim of your glass to moisten it. This acts as the “glue” for the Tajin. Next, pour some Tajin onto a small plate, ensuring it’s spread evenly. Then, invert the glass and dip the rim into the Tajin, twisting slightly to ensure the rim is fully coated. Gently shake off any excess.

This festive touch adds an extra layer of spice and tanginess and makes each sip a little more special, perfect for serving at gatherings or enjoying as a vibrant start to your day.

Boost with Superfoods

Incorporate superfoods like chia seed or flaxseeds to boost the health benefits of your smoothie. These additions are not only rich in nutrients but also help in thickening your smoothie, making it more filling.

Include Citrus Zest

A bit of lime or lemon zest can brighten the overall flavors of your smoothie. The citrus notes work well with both the sweetness of the mango and the spiciness of the pepper, offering a zesty punch that awakens the palate.

Enhance with Coconut

For a tropical twist, add a splash of coconut milk or sprinkle some shredded coconut on top before serving. This will enhance the creaminess and flavor but also pair beautifully with the mango and spice components.

Yogurt or Avocado for Creaminess

Incorporate Greek yogurt or a scoop of avocado to achieve a silkier, more luxurious texture. Both are excellent sources of protein and healthy fats, making your smoothie even more satisfying as a meal replacement or substantial snack.

With these enhancements, your Spicy Mango Smoothie becomes more than just a drink—it’s a customizable treat that caters to both your taste preferences and nutritional needs. Refer to the Nutrisystem Grocery Guide for more information on counting ingredient swaps and add-ins. Enjoy experimenting with these options to find your perfect smoothie blend!

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Servings: 1

Calories per Serving: 220

On Nutrisystem, Count As: 1 SmartCarb and 1 PowerFuel


  • 1 serving Nutrisystem Shake Mix (Vanilla or Chocolate)
  • 1 cup mango, fresh or frozen (without added sugars)
  • ¼ tsp. cayenne pepper or tajin
  • 1 cup (8 oz.) cold water
  • ½ cup (4 oz.) ice (if using fresh fruit)


  1. Place all ingredients into a blender. Blend until smooth.
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