As Seen in PEOPLE and on the TODAY Show: Lisa’s Amazing 120 Pound Weight Loss*

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As Seen in PEOPLE

Lisa Annunziata lost 120 pounds with the help of Nutrisystem.* A weight loss success story, mom-of-two and Human Resources VP, Lisa’s inspirational weight loss journey landed her two opportunities of a lifetime—a story in PEOPLE Magazine and a spot on the TODAY Show!

Lisa’s story is nothing short of amazing. It was 24 years ago, after having her first son, that Lisa had exhausted every diet fad attempt and began to give up hope. As the years past and Lisa continued to have trouble enduring everyday life—fitting in airplane seats and walking up the stairs—Lisa knew her weight had begun to impact her health.

It was this moment, at her peak weight, that Lisa knew she needed to make a change—and Nutrisystem was the answer.

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“My “ah-ha” moment came when, as Human Resources VP, I was reviewing company benefits and determined we needed to create a Wellness Campaign to encourage employees to improve their health. I couldn’t ask others to get healthy when I was obese. That day, I called my husband and we agreed I would give Nutrisystem a try. It was my last resort.” said Annunziata.

With the support of her family, entire company and Nutrisystem coaches, Lisa reached her goal weight—a milestone that once seemed unattainable. “It took me a long time to get here, and it feels great to be confident again. Nutrisystem was the best decision I ever made.”

as seen in PEOPLEAnd what makes Lisa’s story even more motivational? It’s relatable.

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We’ve all had that day (or week, or year!) when we feel like weight loss has become a foreign concept, or we think we’ve exhausted every attempt at healthy living. But Lisa’s inspirational story is here to tell you that THIS CAN BE YOU!

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*Real Success Story. Expect to lose an avg 1-2 lbs. per week.