“I Love the Program, and I Am Thrilled With My Results!”

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exciting results

A Lot on the Line

In order to secure his dream job, Thomas Turner had to make a change. As a busy lawyer, Thomas Turner says that it didn’t take much to see more than 30 pounds creep on. However, Thomas says that as he approached his 30th birthday, he decided it was time for a big life change. He had been offered his “dream job” as a Soldier and Lawyer for the U.S. Army but felt he could not physically live up to the standards.

Suddenly he was on a timeline—he needed to lose more than 30 pounds in only a couple of months if he wanted to qualify. After seeing a commercial for Nutrisystem and checking out their website, Thomas decided to give it a shot.

“When I got my first box, it clicked that I had committed to this journey,” Thomas says. “I stuck to the meal plan week after week and started exercising regularly.”

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The Convenience Factor

Finding time to lose weight with his busy schedule was a concern for Thomas. But he says that he was thrilled to see how Nutrisystem simplified the process. When considering the time that Nutrisystem saves on grocery shopping and cooking, Thomas says it’s plain to see the tremendous value it brings to a busy lifestyle.

“Nutrisystem is so easy,” he says. “It cuts down on cooking and grocery shopping and fit into my life so easily.”

Exciting Results

As the pounds started coming off and Thomas started feeling more fit, he says that exercising became easier.

“I love to run but my knees used to hurt.” Thomas says. “As my knees stopped hurting, I found I could run much further. It was awesome. I can now run a lot. My knees no longer hurt and my cardiovascular stamina has improved.”

Ultimately, Thomas lost 58 pounds*—more than his original goal—and he says he was able to pass the U.S. Army physical. He is motivated by wanting to remain fit.

exciting results“I want to be a fit person that is always up to any challenge,” Thomas says. “And, I want to be able to maintain my health.”

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Going Forward

Now that Thomas says he’s both looking and feeling great, he has no plans to give up. His advice to those who may be considering Nutrisystem is to think about how easily it can fit into your life—and go for it!

“Nutrisystem is so convenient, so simple, and has an incredible commitment mechanism,” Thomas adds. “I love the weight loss program, and I am thrilled with my results!”

*Real Success Story. Expect to lose an avg 1-2 lbs per week.

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