13 Ways to Enjoy Nutrisystem Protein Shakes: Success Story Edition

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Alyssa A. Nutrisystem success story

It’s time to shake up your shake making routine! Get some Nutrisystem Shake inspiration straight from the experts: Real Nutrisystem success stories.

Just like Nutrisystem plans, protein shake recipes are personal. We all have our favorite additions and know exactly how much to add for the perfect taste and texture, every time. However, sometimes it’s good to step out of our comfort zone and try some new ideas and ingredients! Who knows, you just might find some new favorite protein shake recipes.

To help you explore some new flavors, we touched base with some real Nutrisystem weight loss success stories to find out what they love to add to their Nutrisystem Shakes. We were surprised to get so many different combinations—all taste-tested and success-approved!

1. Banana and Oat Milk

Alyssa A. loves the Nutrisystem Shakes because they are convenient. She whips hers up in the “blender with banana and oat milk” for a creamy, dreamy take on a classic combo. While many people love to add bananas (a SmartCarb) to their shake, we think oat milk (an Extra) adds extra plant-based decadence that you have to try.

2. Spinach, Chia Seeds and Flax Seeds

Carrisa S. adds spinach, chia seeds and flax seeds to her protein shake recipes
Carrisa S. adds spinach, chia seeds and flax seeds to her Nutrisystem Shake.

Carrisa S. says that the Nutrisystem Shakes are one of her faves. She adds “tons of spinach, chia seeds, flax seeds and sometimes coffee.” You’ll see throughout this list that spinach is a popular addition, helping members get in their daily Vegetable servings. However, the seeds are a unique ingredient that adds some healthy fats to the mix. All seeds are considered Extras on Nutrisystem.

3. Ice and Skim Milk

Bri L. keeps things simple with a classic pairing. “I love adding ice and skim milk and blending,” she says. This protein-packed combo counts as two PowerFuels, so it’s perfect for fueling up before the gym or before a long busy day.

4. Ice and Spinach

As we mentioned earlier, spinach in your Nutrisystem Shake is the perfect way to sneak veggies into daily menu. Cori H. says, “The shakes are great! I love adding ice to thicken it up. I also add lots of spinach to help me get lots of greens for the day.”

5. Coffee

Allison E. has her Nutrisystem Shake working overtime, doing double duty as a protein powder AND a coffee creamer.  “I use it in my coffee as a creamer,” she explains. This helps her to save calories and avoid high-fat creamers and half-and-half. And because the Nutrisystem Shake is already sweet, it also prevents the addition of extra sugar.

6. Frozen Strawberries, Banana and Oat Milk

Jason K. Nutrisystem Success Story
Jason K. transforms his Nutrisystem Shake into a strawberry milkshake.

Jason K. spills his Nutri-Shake secret: “I add frozen strawberries, banana and some oat milk to my vanilla shake and it tastes like one of the best strawberry milkshakes I’ve had.”

7. Strawberries and Blueberries

If this berrylicious combination isn’t already a favorite on your weekly menu, what are you waiting for? Will S. says enjoyed this tasty trio of shake powder, strawberries and blueberries after every workout he did while on the Nutrisystem plan. One taste and you’ll discover why! Berries are considered a SmartCarb on Nutrisystem.

8. Spinach, Banana, Coffee and Water

“The shakes are my favorite!” says Tess A. “I add tons of spinach, half frozen banana and coffee and water…it is amazing!”

9. Banana and Peanut Butter

Another popular pairing finds its way into a rich and decadent Nutrisystem Shake. “I add a banana and peanut butter,” says Gogo L. With the addition of a SmartCarb (banana) and PowerFuel (peanut butter), this shake recipe is smart, satisfying and super delicious.

10. Spinach, Broccoli and Water

Charee D. sneaks some veggie servings into her Nutrisystem Shake by blending in spinach and/or broccoli, plus some water. “They are a quick and easy snack,” she says. “Easy way to get my veggies in!”

11. Almond Milk and Fruit

Kristofer G. enjoys the Nutrisystem Shakes because “they’re light weight and taste great.” He blends them up with almond milk and fruit. This combo allows you to customize your shake based on that’s in season or what you have on hand! Go fresh or frozen with your fruit—both are delicious.

12. Almond Milk, Banana and Ice

Tara G. keeps her shake creamy, dreamy and delicious ” Blended with almond milk, banana and ice. Sometimes a scoop of peanut butter.

Krista J. Nutrisystem Success Story
Krista J. keeps her Nutrisystem Shakes simple with just water and ice.

13. Just Water!

Krista J. keeps it simple: Just add water and shake! “What I like about the Nutrisystem Shakes are that they are easy to prepare and the taste is amazing, says Krista.

Anthony G. chooses Nutrisystem Shakes because they are “easy to make” and he is “able to take it to-go.” He enjoys it with cold water or sometimes almond milk.

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