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All the information and inspiration you need to lose weight is in one spot: Right here on The Leaf Weight Loss Blog. From the first click, you’ll see a mix of new and featured articles picked for each day—from seasonal recipes to the latest superfoods, simple workouts for the work week and eating-out advice for the weekend, we’ve got it all on The Leaf for your convenience and enjoyment.

You’ll also find fun and instructional cooking and fitness videos on The Leaf Weight Loss Blog, and you’ll learn tons of live better tips and stay healthy tricks. Plus, you’ll meet real people who have lost weight with Nutrisystem. And the site is just. so. easy. to navigate.

Here’s a closer look at what you’ll see:

Weight Loss Tab >

weight loss

This section of The Leaf Weight Loss Blog provides the best advice to help you eat better, transform your body and live healthy. Consider this your go-to spot for tips, tricks, advice and everything in between! To learn more about each category in our “Weight Loss” section, simply click below to check out the many articles that cover every aspect of maintaining a healthy body and mind.

  • Diet & Nutrition >
    Find healthy recipe roundups for healthy at-home weight loss meals, the best flu-fighting diet foods, smart snack swaps and even DIY salad dressings. Our nutrition experts help you host healthy get-togethers and survive holiday parties, as well as satisfy food cravings and bounce back after a diet slip-up. On Superfood Saturday, we highlight a seasonal and uber good-for-you ingredient, and every day we offer ways to keep your taste buds happy and your  waist slim.
  • Fitness >
    Maybe you’re exercising for the first time and aren’t sure how to get started. You’ll find advice here. Maybe you want tips for burning extra calories throughout the day or looking for only low-impact exercises. That’s in this section, too. Not sure how to do a proper plank or need help with your yoga cobra pose? We’ve got step-by-step videos to help. You’ll also find advice for what to eat before a workout, and when it’s smart to skip your exercise class.
  • Lifestyle >
    Eating well and exercising are key to staying healthy. But other parts of your everyday life are just as important: Sleeping well, drinking enough water, staying safe in the sun, keeping a positive mindset and more. You’ll find everything you need to know about maintaining a healthy lifestyle in this section.
  • For Customers >
    Select the program you’re on under this tab to get diet advice and support targeted specifically for you and your weight loss program. And for the maintenance customers who’ve joined the ranks of our amazing Nutrisystem weight loss success stories, there’s a section just for you—with advice and strategies to help you maintain that goal weight that you’ve worked so hard to reach. Just click on out Success section under this tab.

Recipes Tab >

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The most convenient feature of this section is the filter: Search for breakfasts only, just drinks, or choose to peruse the delicious recipes that include Nutrisystem foods. And if you want to see a video demo of the meal you’re making, look for the play button over some of our recipes.

  • Flex Meals & Snacks>
    Once you finish up your first week on the program, you get to create healthy flex breakfasts, lunches, dinners and a snacks every week so that you can practice healthy cooking. Flag this as your go-to source for make-yourself meals: From soups to sandwiches, pancakes to parfaits, chicken to pasta, each delicious dish includes calorie counts and fits perfectly into your plan.
  • Tasty Takes on Nutrisystem Foods >
    Nutrisystem’s weight loss meals and  snacks are yummy by themselves. But when you have a little extra time and feel like getting creative, here is a collection of inspired recipe twists that use your favorite foods.
  • Healthy Sides & Snacks >
    This section is loaded with veggie ideas for your entrees, savory dips and sweet desserts.
  • Shakes, Smoothies & Drinks >
    You can choose to use Nutrisystem Shakes to make inspired smoothies flavored with kiwi and vanilla or berry and kale, or make your own refreshing slushie, spoon-worthy smoothie bowl or mocktail with these simple, drinkable recipes.

Inspiration Tab >


  • Success Stories >
    Meet real people—men and women just like you—who lost weight with Nutrisystem. Read their inspiring weight loss success stories, see their before and after photos and get their top tips for weight loss success.
  • Celebrity Stories >
    Get inspired by our celebrity ambassadors, real people who had real real results with Nutrisystem.

Programs Tab >

different Nutrisystem food for the Uniquely Yours plan

This is the spot on The Leaf Weight Loss Blog to learn how Nutrisystem programs work. From Nutrisystem, Nutrisystem for Men and Nutrisystem Success, find out what you get in each plan and how they can help you get and stay fit, happy and healthy.

  • Nutrisystem >
    See fast results with the quick start plan from Nutrisystem that’s specially designed to jumpstart weight loss in your first month. Learn how to change your eating habits, portions and attitude to create a happier and healthier you!
  • Nutrisystem for Men >
    Men get an easy-to-follow plan and right-size portions of hearty, delicious meals that make this plan easy-to-follow for quick results.
  • Nutrisystem Success >
    Learn more about our portion-control container program that helps you continue to maintain the weight loss your worked so hard to achieve.
  • Sustainability >
    Learn more about sustainable practices at Nutrisystem. Lose weight and reduce your waste!

Other Features

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Check out Gardening with Scott on The Leaf Weight Loss Blog—our resident expert blogger who shares how to grow your own greens and garlic, or the super helpful compilation of Frequently Asked Questions >Sprinkled throughout the site are polls in purple boxes, designed to help us get to know you better, awesome exclusive promotions for our Leaf Weight Loss Blog readers, and at the bottom there’s also a pull-up tab with special discounts and offers for out A La Carte items.