5 Reasons Nutrisystem is the Best Diet Plan to Become Your Best You

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A weight loss program should do more than help you lose weight. The best diet will help you feel great, amp your energy, enjoy delicious food, improve your health and become the best version of you.

That’s what Nutrisystem does. Our program fuels your body with nutrition and fills your plate with flavor. It doesn’t just help you lose weight. It also teaches you portion control and healthy cooking so that you keep the weight off for life.

Nutrisystem is more than a diet. It’s a whole new lifestyle to create a whole new you. Best of all, it works. Thousands of our members have seen success and we know you will too.

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Here are five reasons why Nutrisystem is your best fit to become your best you:

1. It’s easy to follow.

best diet

Besides the delicious food options and, of course, the results, the number one reason members love Nutrisystem is that it’s so easy to follow. Unlike other weight loss programs, there’s no weighing foods or guessing portion sizes. We give you an easy-to-follow meal plan with convenient meals and snacks that are pre-measured and pre-portioned for you. You’ll also add in unlimited amounts fresh, non-starchy vegetables every day. Because they’re unlimited, you can fill up on them and don’t have to worry about overeating.

Most Nutrisystem plans also incorporate Flex Meals. These are meals and snacks that you prepare or order out while following our easy guidelines.

Flex meals provide you with the opportunity to dine out or cook your own healthy dish while staying within the program. Use Nutrisystem’s ultra-clear guidance when preparing them and take advantage of our extensive recipe section on The Leaf. Flex Meals are a key tool to keeping the weight off once you’ve reached your goal, helping you learn to prepare and order healthy meals in healthy portions that will keep your body fueled and satisfied.

2. There’s no counting.

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Well, there’s a teeny, tiny bit of counting. But it’s not calculus—it’s counting to four! To make your Nutrisystem plan work better, you’ve got to count up four servings of non-starchy vegetables per day. With our Grocery Guide, it couldn’t be easier to find vegetables you’ll enjoy eating, in portions that are simple to understand and count.

What you won’t have to count are macronutrients, points or any of the other complicated stuff that makes other diets require a calculator. Instead, you’ll follow our simple meal plan and Grocery Guide to easily select, incorporate and combine the appropriate food items with Nutrisystem meals.

And for that little bit of counting, we’ve got an app for that! The NuMi app makes keeping track of your Nutrisystem meals, snacks, water and weight loss easy. The free app is already pre-loaded with every Nutrisystem food and will help you calculate and count those SmartCarbs and PowerFuels. No math!

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3. Balanced nutrition.

balanced nutrition

Dietitians and nutrition experts at Nutrisystem have designed our program to have the optimal balance of nutrition that your body needs. They have the right mix of carbohydrates, fats and protein to fuel your body for all-day energy while keeping you full. You’ll be satisfied and won’t be looking for a snack while waiting for your next meal.

Nutrisystem nutritionists have also created programs that have you eating five to six times per day, every two to three hours. So, unlike other weight loss programs where you’re starving yourself, Nutrisystem members have a meal, snack or shake every few hours to crush cravings and keep their appetite in check.

4. Delicious food.

Nutrisystem diet plan grilled chicken sandwich with different toppings.

It’s simple—the biggest key to the success of any weight loss plan is that you stick to it. According to a study, published in the International Journal of Obesity, diets are more effective when dieters adhere to their plan. That’s why Nutrisystem employs a secret weapon to making their plans and foods easy to stick with: Delicious meals and snacks.

You won’t be eating unappetizing “diet versions” of pizza, pasta, cookies, cakes and other favorites. You’ll be eating mouthwatering, tasty versions of those foods that have the right mix of spices, flavors and textures to become meals you’ll love eating. Plus, they’re diet-friendly and perfectly portioned for weight loss. It’s a win-win!

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5. There’s a plan designed just for you.

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If you’ve tried any diet before, you know the truth: One-size weight loss plans don’t fit all and they won’t work for everyone. That’s why Nutrisystem isn’t just a cookie-cutter system like many other plans. You have the option to make your diet plan personal by using our NuMi app.

Simply enable NuMi SmartAdapt when you’re setting up the app and answer some easy questions. Based on the information you provide us, your plan will be tailored to your metabolism using height, weight, age and activity level. As you drop pounds and track your progress in the app, your meal plan will adapt to your changing metabolism as you lose weight. It’s easy to follow and totally special, just like you!

Get started with your weight loss journey today with a Nutrisystem plan!