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What programs are offered by Nutrisystem?

We offer a variety of weight loss plans to meet different dietary needs and budgets.

With our Women’s, Men’s and Partner plans, you have the option of choosing between Basic, Uniquely Yours and Uniquely Yours Max + to create the perfect plan for you.

Uniquely Yours Max +:

Get a plan personalized to you with our clinically proven, science-based Uniquely Yours Max+ plan! Our most effective weight loss solution yet, Uniquely Yours Max+ tailors a plan to YOU to help prevent yo-yo dieting and promote sustained weight loss.  We create a plan for your unique metabolism. NuMi®, with the SmartAdapt feature, personalizes your nutrition plan with the right amount of food for your body to help reduce hunger and burn fat while you lose weight. You’ll get a personalized calorie goal to support weight loss based on YOUR weight, height, gender, age and activity. As you move through your weight loss journey, your plan will adapt with you as you hit weight loss milestones.


Uniquely Yours:

  • Our most popular menu variety
  • Restaurant Faves: Standard Variety
  • Frozen meals and snacks
  • Ready-to-go meals and snacks


  • Our classic menu variety
  • Ready-to-go meals and snacks.

No matter the plan, Nutrisystem teaches you how to lose weight and meet your goals.  GET STARTED TODAY! >