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Do I have to eat all of the food in the plan every day? Is it okay to alter the times of my meals?

Your meal plan has been designed to give you all the essential nutrients needed for optimal nutrition for sensible weight loss.  We do recommend making sure to eat everything on your Nutrisystem diet meal plan as outlined for the best results.

Making sure you are eating everything will ensure that you are giving your body the right amount of calories to lose weight but still stay nourished. Eating too little can potentially hinder your weight loss by putting you in starvation mode. Our diet plan is designed to ensure that you lose weight while staying healthy!

We recommend following the prescribed Nutrisystem® weight loss meal plan closely for your first month so you can learn what and when you should be eating. Once you’re comfortable with the diet plan, you can alter the times of your Nutrisystem meals, as well as your non-Nutrisystem grocery add-ins and snacks, as long as you include all the foods in your healthy meal plan to continually fuel your body throughout the day. If you are finding that you are not hungry at a particular time of the day (like the evening), you can rearrange the order of your meals to better fit your schedule. We recommend that you are eating everything and trying to eat every two to four hours throughout the day to help make sure that you’re full and satisfied.

Please connect with a Weight Loss Coach if you need advice on following the meal plan!

*Please be sure to eat all the food that is recommended on your weight loss program. Failure to follow the diet program protocol and eat all of the food recommended may involve the risk of developing serious health complications.

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