6 Food Cravings You Can Satisfy on Nutrisystem

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Food Cravings

You know those moments when your food cravings are taking over and you have to have a piece of chocolate? Or you just really want salt? Maybe you’re feeling a burger or Mexican for dinner.

Whatever food or flavor you’re craving, there’s a healthy way to satisfy it with the delicious food options on the Nutrisystem menu.

With a Nutrisystem plan, you can satisfy your cravings every day and lose weight with healthy, delicious foods that conveniently get shipped right to your door. Click here to find the plan that’s right for you! >

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Here are six food cravings you’re allowed to indulge in on Nutrisystem:

Craving #1: Chocolate
food cravings

It’s not the worst thing in the world. Chocolate is made from the bean of a cacao plant and is packed with health-protecting antioxidants that may help lower cholesterol, keep your mind sharp and heart healthy. However, that doesn’t mean you can go to town on any old chocolate bar; many versions are loaded with sugar and unhealthy fats.

The healthiest chocolate is dark, made with at least 65 percent cacao. Stick to about an ounce or two a day; if you’re on Nutrisystem, about half an ounce a day. When you’re in the mood for something more decadent, try one of these indulgent dessert recipes for chocolate lovers or pick up one of these grab-and-go chocolate-y Nutrisystem treats.

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Craving #2: Salt
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Step away from the bag of potato chips and skip that side of fries. All the extra sodium in your salty food cravings is no good for your heart, blood pressure, kidneys and brain. Plus, it’ll bloat your belly. When your taste buds are demanding something salty, Nutrisystem has a variety of options to fulfill the request.

Stock up on cheese puffs, pretzels, and even—ready for this—salt and vinegar snack-a-rounds. You get the tang of the salt and vinegar on a multi-grain chip made with whole grain quinoa, chia and flax seed. Click here to find even more healthy, salty snack options >

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Craving #3: Meat
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It’s true that eating too much red meat has been associated with a higher risk of heart disease and certain cancers. However, those burgers and steaks are also packed with vitamins, minerals and protein—which can help with weight loss and maintain muscle mass.

So there’s no need to deny yourself when you’re in the mood for meat, just choose from one of these hearty meals that are light on the fat and calories, but rich in flavor. From burgers to pulled pork sandwiches, to meatballs and sausage and peppers, each is perfectly portioned and ready in minutes. If you’re cooking up your own recipe, try these healthy hacks to make your favorite meaty meals lower in calories and higher in disease-fighting antioxidants—without sacrificing flavor.

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Craving #4: Mexican
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With a few simple swaps and inspired tweaks, you can savor your favorite south-of-the-border dishes and still keep your diet on track. Top whole wheat nachos with the Nutrisystem BBQ Seasoned Chicken for sweet and tangy flavor, zesty peppers and smokey bacon. Toss on some extra veggies, fat-free cheese and fresh cilantro to complete the nacho dish.

Prefer a quesadilla? Try this chicken and cheese quesadilla recipe that’s loaded with shredded low-fat shredded cheddar, chicken chunks and lots of veggies. Top it with fat-free sour cream and salsa for the full effect. Find more mucho-delicioso recipes that satisfy your Mexican food cravings—including shrimp fajitas, turkey chili and delicious guacamole by clicking here >

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Craving #5: Pasta
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When comfort food cravings comes a-callin’, answer it with one of Nutrisystem’s easy pasta dishes. They are well-balanced and perfectly portioned; provide protein, fiber and vegetables; and only take minutes to prepare. Get your pasta fix with the Lasagna with Meat Sauce—it packs pinto beans, spinach, tomatoes and 15 grams of protein between thick and satisfying noodles covered in meat sauce.

Try a hearty serving of cheese ravioli, white cheddar mac and cheese or click here to discover even more delicious pasta options Nutrisystem offers. >

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Craving #6: Sweet
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On Nutrisystem, you can indulge in desserts like cookies and whoopie pies that don’t max out on calories and sugar and instead provide some fiber or protein in each decadent bite. So leave your guilt outside the kitchen door and bake yourself a batch of double chocolate cherry cookies, mint brownies or any one of these other sinfully delicious dessert recipes—all under 200 calories.

No time to bake? No problem. Nutrisystem has ready-made desserts like fudge bars and chocolate cake to satisfy any kind of sweet craving. Click here to view the 20 most popular treats. >

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You can lose weight and get these delicious foods shipped right to your door on a regular basis with a Nutrisystem plan. Click here to get started! >