5 Insider Hacks to Save Money on Nutrisystem

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The secret of Nutrisystem is in its simplicity: You don’t have to cook complicated meals, measure or weigh foods for the proper portion sizes, or analyze nutrition labels to choose the right meals and desserts that fit your diet plan. All that work is done for you, so you can concentrate on eating the food, feeling full and joining the ranks of hundreds of Nutrisystem weight loss success stories who have lost thousands of pounds.

So what’s stopping you from getting started? If the answer is “money,” we’ve got you covered: Here are five ways to save money on your meal delivery diet plan:

1. Start with the Basic Plan with Nutrisystem Chef’s Choice Menu:

Nutrisystem plans come in different varieties: The “Uniquely Yours” plan is completely customizable, and includes both Nutrisystem’s shelf-stable foods (which require no refrigeration), and frozen meals and snacks. If you’re a little strapped for cash, try starting with a Basic plan with the Chef’s Choice Menu: This plan is pre-loaded with foods that current Nutrisystem members rate highest. Learn more about our plans here! >

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2. Add Your Favorites to Auto-Delivery Orders:

Choosing auto-delivery means it’s even simpler to get foods that help you lose weight: Each month, your diet delivery order will just show up at your door. No need to log on to the website or call Nutrisystem to order. Even better? You’ll save a ton: Auto-delivery orders save 35 percent, and come with free shipping.

That doesn’t mean you lose the option to customize your diet plan: Once you’ve found your favorites, you can add them to your auto-delivery order as A La Carte options. Love the Fudge Graham Bar? Put it in your A La Carte order, and you’ll save on that, too. Plus, you’ll have your favorite portion-controlled snacks and favorites ready when cravings or temptations strike. And having those favorites on hand can be the key to staying on plan: When you feel that craving, you can crush it. Saving money is just a bonus!

3. Download NuMi, Our FREE Food Tracking App:
Keeping a food diary can help you lose twice as much weight: In a 2008 study, dieters who kept a log of their food had twice as much weight loss success as those who kept no eating records. Nutrisystem’s NuMi app is a free way to track your food from your smartphone, and it could help you do even better than with a pad and paper: A small 2014 study found that users of a smartphone app were 20 percent more consistent with diet tracking versus those using paper food logs.

NuMi already contains the entire Nutrisystem food database, so tracking with it is also easier than with paper. It can be matched to your diet program for seamless integration with your weight loss plan, and includes recommendations for what to eat when you’re not on your weight loss plan—NuMi has expertly curated recommendations for dining out.

And, of course, it can save you money: NuMi users get access to all kinds of exclusive offers and discounts, FREE Nutrisystem products and free shipping. Don’t miss out—download NuMi for iPhone and Android through Google or Apple, or visit numi.com on your tablet or computer today.

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4. Keep Up with Nutrisystem:
Keep coming back to The Leaf, and you’ll get access to hundreds of healthy recipes, weight loss program tips from our experts and so much more. But that’s not all! You’ll also find out about exclusive Nutrisystem contests and giveaways for all kinds of free products and discounts, and you’ll have access to exclusive promotions just for readers.

Make sure to sign up for the Nutrisystem newsletter, and you’ll not only get fresh recipes and articles delivered to your inbox twice a week, you’ll save money, too. That’s because each newsletter contains special offers and exclusive promotions you’ll love.

And don’t forget to follow Nutrisystem on Facebook. We offer special deals to those who like the page.

5. Refer a Friend:
Losing weight or maintaining a fitness program is easier with a friend: In a study from the Annals of Behavioral Medicine, cyclists who trained with a partner improved their performance by 87 percent compared to those pedaling alone. And a study of couples on diets from Indiana University found similar results: Couples who worked out together quit health clubs at a much lower rate than those who went it alone.

You don’t need a partner to succeed with Nutrisystem—in addition to the simplicity of the diet plan, members get access to Nutrisystem Weight Loss Coaches who can help with any problem or question you might have. But once you start to see greater diet success, friends and family may want to join in. This can help push you to even greater success, and it can also save you money: For every friend you refer to Nutrisystem, you’ll get a discount coupon (find out more here).

Use the extra dough to treat yourself to new shoes or another piece of clothing you’ve been saving for, or share the wealth: Raise a (healthy) toast with your Nutrisystem partner to your joint weight loss success—with the money saved from the Nutrisystem coupon, Nutrisystem will be picking up the bill!