9 Awesome NuMi Features You Need to Be Using

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You can double your weight loss by doing just one thing: Keeping a food diary. That was the finding of a 2008 Kaiser Permanente study of almost 1,700 people. Those who faithfully logged everything they ate lost twice as much as those who didn’t keep track.

With that science in mind, Nutrisystem created NuMi, a free weight loss app for your iPhone or Android, that makes tracking your food, water, activity and quick weight loss simple.

And, because we are always trying to make your experience as easy and efficient as possible, we’ve added some advanced features designed to provide you with the very best support for your Nutrisystem plan.

Download the free app to your phone and you’re ready to become a weight loss overachiever. Or, get out those tablets because you can now download the app on your iPad!

And make sure to read up on some of the great NuMi features guaranteed to make your life even easier:

1. Enhanced Quick Log Feature

In a rush or just don’t feel like searching for the exact weight loss meal you ate? Quickly and easily log food categories (think “Nutrisystem Entrées,” “SmartCarbs” and “PowerFuels”), as opposed to exact meals and foods (like “Nutrisystem Hamburger” or “one banana,” with just one tap. The Quick Log feature will estimate your calorie consumption based upon the food category you log. Since your calorie goal is a range, these estimates will fall within that range. You no longer have to ask, “How many calories should I eat to lose weight?”

In addition, now you can quickly log eight ounces of water or the number of minutes of activity you performed in just one tap (no searching required!).

To use the Quick Log feature, tap the circular food icon in your Journal.

Change your mind and want to log a specific food instead? Tap the icon a second time if you’d like to remove the Quick Log and add a specific food instead.

2. Upgraded Scanner and Food Database

Our scanner makes logging your Nutrisystem foods and add-ins easier than ever. We’ve added a food database that contains more than half a million foods, so you’ll easily find all of your favorites.

And, for those of you who like to kick it up in the kitchen, we’ve got all of the recipes featured on our weight loss blog, The Leaf, included in the food database, too. They’re categorized exactly the same way they are on The Leaf (Flex Meals, Shakes & Smoothies, etc.), for easy searching. Helpful hint: You can save your favorite recipes using the “heart” function.

Just tap the orange plus sign at the bottom of the screen and tap “Food” to get meal recommendations or create your own food. You can also log your activity, how much water you drank, and your weight loss all by tapping the orange button.

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3. Improved Log Food Feature

Not able to locate a food in our database? No problem! Creating a custom food is as easy as tapping the plus (+) symbol you use to log a food, then selecting “Create Customer Food” at the top of the screen. Bonus: Custom foods will be stored in your Favorites for easy future logging.

If you tend to eat some of the same foods regularly, you’ll want to take advantage of our easy copy feature. Simply tap the “+ More” option under any meal occasion to add yesterday’s meal, or to copy and paste a meal to a new meal occasion. To copy a specific food item you’ve already logged, just click on that item in the Journal and use the “Copy” button on the Food Details screen.

4. “Create a Custom Activity” Ability

Keeping track of your exercise has never been easier, thanks to NuMi! That’s because there are now several convenient ways to log. You can now “Quick Log” the number of minutes you exercise, search for a specific activity or create a custom activity.

To create a custom activity, visit “Log Activity” then tap the “Create New” button. Create your own activity and add it to your Favorites list to find it more easily (tap the “heart” button). You can customize the name and description of the activity as well as the duration and calories burned (If you do not know, enter the estimated calories).

Note: The calories burned during exercise are not credited toward your calorie goal for the day, as your recommended activity levels have been built into your target calorie range.

5. Easier to Retroactively Log

Forgot to log a meal or a full day? Don’t sweat it! You can go back and do it anytime. Tap the calendar icon in the top right corner of the main screen and go back to fill it in. Your logged days will be marked with a light green circle.

6. Smarter Reminder Features

Can’t seem to remember to log your food every day? Need a ping to log your water intake? No problem! With NuMi, you can set up reminders to log meals, water, activity and/or weight. This smart feature will only remind you about the categories you select reminders for.

To set up your reminders, tap the “More” button at the bottom of the screen and then tap “Reminders.” That gives you the option to set customized reminders to log anything you need help remembering.

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7. Better Plan Guidance

Whether you’re on a weight loss plan or our Nutrisystem Success program, we’ve got you covered with complete program support. Now you can see your PowerFuel and SmartCarb allotments for every meal. Plus, you can easily switch any meal or snack occasion to be a Flex Meal or Snack, simply by selecting the Flex Meal button next to each meal header.

In addition, if you’ve logged more than one serving of a particular food item, you’ll see a “multi-serving” icon on screen next to the meal or snack. If you log a food or recipe that counts as two or more Nutrisystem categories (like SmartCarbs, PowerFuels, Vegetables, etc.), you’ll see smaller icons representing what the foods count as below the food name as well as a multi-category icon next to the meal.

8. Personalized News Feed

The smart NuMi News Feed, now accessible through the “More” button at the bottom of your screen, will feature fresh articles from The Leaf, plus daily diet tips and healthy recipes designed to match where you’re at in your Nutrisystem journey plus, exclusive NuMi-only offers, contests, prizes and so much more.

9. Step Tracking

Now you can connect your Fitbit to your NuMi account for easy activity tracking. Tap “More” on the bottom of your NuMi screen, then select “Settings” and “Connect Device.” Once you set this up, your activity minutes and steps will automatically be imported.

If you have an iPhone, you can also set up Apple Step Tracking. To do so, tap “More” at the bottom of your NuMi screen, then select “Settings” and “Step Tracking.” This will track your steps using your iPhone’s Motion Processor and we’ll automatically log them as activity in your journal. Please note that this feature is supported on iPhone models 5S and newer.

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