10 Ways Following the Nutrisystem Facebook Page Will Help You Lose Weight

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You’ve already chopped vegetables for healthy snack ideas, created a delicious meal prep schedule and started drinking more water. You’re tracking your daily eating in the NuMi app using your smartphone and have signed up to get a fool-proof weight loss program from Nutrisystem. There’s just one more thing to do to help you start losing weight right away, and it only takes one single click: Follow Nutrisystem on Facebook. Seriously! Just hitting that little “Like” button can help you drop pounds.

Here are 10 ways that being a Facebook follower of our page can help you lose weight.

1. Experts to Answer Your Questions

Become a Nutrisystem Facebook Follower

Can you move your SmartCarbs from lunch to dinner? How do I measure three ounces of chicken if I don’t have a scale? Can I eat my dinner entrée for lunch or my lunch entrée for breakfast?

You’ve got questions and the Nutrisystem Facebook page has answers! Nutrisystem experts monitor the page, helping members with questions about their Nutrisystem plans, meal prep puzzlers and even customer service. If they can’t answer your question directly in the comments, these experts will work with you via Facebook Messenger. They can also help you get in touch with one of our Weight Loss Coaches so you can stay on track and keep flying towards your goals on your weight loss journey. Get in the comments and get your questions answered fast!

2. Live Events with Nutrition Experts and Registered Dietitians

Become a Nutrisystem Facebook Follower

Our experts are also ready to answer your questions live. With weekly Nutrisystem Facebook live events, our team of registered dietitians and nutrition experts join our fans on the Nutrisystem Facebook page to answer questions and offer healthy recipe swaps and snack ideas. They support members who might be struggling with a craving, a plateau or just needing a motivational nudge. These experts have a wealth of experience and are ready with a smiling face and a mind bursting with weight loss wisdom to share. Keep your eye on the page for dinner recipes that are perfect for Flex Meals, as well as expert tips for your weight loss meal plan.

3. Support from Other Members

Become a Nutrisystem Facebook Follower

Having a support system is key to weight loss success: Multiple studies have shown that people are more likely to stick to a healthy change in their lifestyle if other people are along for the ride. In one study of couples, for instance, 43 percent of those who exercised separately dropped their gym memberships in the first year. However, when they worked out together, 93 percent stuck to it!

Nutrisystem Facebook fans are part of the support system that can help you succeed. Members give each other encouraging comments, offer strategies that have helped them work through a plateau and even tips that make their Nutrisystem foods tastier—the best way to get a crispy crust on your lunch melt or how long to warm a Double Chocolate Muffin for ultimate breakfast perfection. All that Nutrisystem wisdom is packed into our Nutrisystem Facebook page comments—from people just like you who have succeeded!

4. Delicious Recipes for Flex Meals

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Flex meals are a huge part of what makes Nutrisystem so successful: By preparing Flex Meals or ordering from restaurants using the principles of SmartCarbs and PowerFuels, members learn how to make delicious, portion-controlled meals that help them eat out, cook for family and transition back to “normal life” once they’ve reached their goal weight. The good news is that you don’t have to be a chef or a recipe developer to enjoy the benefits of Flex Meals. The Nutrisystem Facebook page is loaded with ideas that you’ll love. Plus, we’re posting more every day! And since our members can comment, they can tell you how much they enjoyed a meal, tips they used when preparing it and what their spouses and kids thought, too.

5. Weight Loss Tips and Tricks Based on Science, Not Fads

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Nutrisystem foods and weight loss plans are based on science, created by real dietitians and nutritionists for real results. The information on the Nutrisystem Facebook page is no different: It’s based on evidence, not fads. Whether the page is offering reasons that logging your food can really help you lose weight, tips for dining out or ways to get better sleep for a healthier life, the tips and tricks offered on the Nutrisystem Facebook page are based on science—so you can trust that the information will really help you reach your goals.

6. Fitness Ideas That Fit Your Life

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Not everybody’s a marathon runner or a wannabe CrossFit fanatic—and that’s OK! The Nutrisystem Facebook page provides fitness content that fits your life—10-minute routines that are quick and easy, plus tips to get summer-ready. There are so many ways to move your body and the Nutrisystem Facebook page will help you find one that fits your lifestyle.

7. Motivation from Real Success Stories

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Real people succeed with Nutrisystem and they share their stories and strategies with our Nutrisystem Facebook fans. Yo-yo dieters can learn coping tips from Success Stories like Mei. If weight seems harder to take off as you age, listen to the success strategies of Terry. And if you’re looking for big-time motivation, check out Dean’s success story. Our Real Success Stories even join our Facebook page for live events, page takeovers and Q&As with members. Like the page to stay up to date!

8. Deals!

Become a Nutrisystem Facebook Follower

Nutrisystem Facebook members are among the first to know about sales and special deals on Nutrisystem food—from free shipping, limited time offers, 50 percent off sales and other timely savings that are only offered to our Nutrisystem Facebook fans. All you have to do is like the page and you’re on your way not just to losing weight but keeping more money in your pocket!

9. New Stuff Every Day

Become a Nutrisystem Facebook Follower

Our Facebook page won’t spam your feed with the same posts over and over again. There’s fresh, new content every day: Seasonal recipes that are perfect for upcoming holidays, live events with experts and motivational quotes and tips to keep you on track throughout the day. The Nutrisystem team knows that keeping members engaged is key to their weight loss success. That’s why we’re committed to keeping the Nutrisystem Facebook page fresh and filled with ideas, strategies and fun that will help you reach your goals.

10. A Little Fun In Your Feed!

Become a Nutrisystem Facebook Follower

Facebook can get controversial, combative and all-too-serious… and we all need a break sometimes. Adding in positive content to your mix—whether it’s cute animal pics or uplifting stories about people helping others—can help make your social media a healthier experience. Nutrisystem Facebook content is always uplifting, motivational, bright, colorful and positive, so your day (and your feed) are a little brighter.

Follow the Nutrisystem Facebook page today to help you lose weight and reach your goals!