10 Tips for Dining Out on Nutrisystem

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Nutrisystem Dining Out Guide

So, you started Nutrisystem, and you’re doing great. You’re eating your entrees and supplementing with Vegetables, SmartCarbs and PowerFuels. You’ve even started incorporating your My Daily 3 activities into your routine to help maximize your results. You’re feeling good and really getting the hang of this whole healthy living thing. But then it happens…

Your family decides to go out for dinner.

Don’t panic! Unlike traditional diets, which don’t leave wiggle room for life’s greatest pleasures like dinners out, the Nutrisystem weight loss plan was designed to work with your lifestyle. We acknowledge that there will be times you’ll want to go out to eat or go to a party. Our goal is not to deprive you, but rather to guide you toward the healthiest choices in these situations. Not only will that help you stay on track toward your weight loss goals, it will teach you healthy habits for life—the key to maintaining your weight loss.

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The Nutrisystem Dining Out Guide serves up some great tips for enjoying meals out. Here are 10 more tips for dining out slim-down style:

1. Plan Ahead

If you have a say in the restaurant selection, do your research. Hop online and peruse some websites. Choose the restaurant that serves up healthy options like green salads and lean proteins. Review the menu before heading out, and settle on the meal you’ll order before you even leave the house. Look for veggie-based dishes or lean meats that are grilled or baked. Avoid fried foods or selections covered in creamy sauces. Check out our Dining Out Guide for help honing in on healthy options at 30 of the most popular eateries nationwide. Healthy hint: Avoid buffets, which make overeating way too easy.

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2. Know Your Terminology

When navigating a menu, avoid foods with these words in the description: Au gratin, battered, breaded, crispy, fried, pan-fried, creamy, buttery, scalloped and supersized. Opt for foods described as baked, broiled, grilled, fresh, roasted, seasoned with herbs and spices, rotisserie, sautéed, steamed, low-fat or fat-free. Consult the Dining Out Guide for more help deciphering culinary jargon.

3. Don’t Drink Your Calories

Did you know that just one 12-ounce can of regular soda clocks in at about 150 calories and a whopping 38 grams of sugar? Dangerous territory—especially when you factor in free refills. Just as calorie-dense? Wine and beer. And forget mixed drinks—some contain half a day’s calories in just one small glass! Even worse, alcoholic beverages can lead to dehydration, which can make you feel even hungrier. Plus, they may weaken your willpower, which can result in overeating. Opt for water with lemon or seltzer with lime. If you absolutely must order an alcoholic beverage, opt for a small glass of dry wine, a light beer or one shot of liquor mixed with zero calorie blenders. Healthy hint: Drink one full glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you drink. This will help you cut back on alcohol and calories while also keeping you hydrated.

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4. Focus on the Company

A year from today, what are you more likely to remember—the food you ordered or the memories you made with family and friends? More than the food, going out to eat is about spending quality time with loved ones—away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Don’t lose sight of that fact. Savor the sights, the sounds and the company first… and the food second. Healthy hint: Keep the conversation going. The more you talk, the slower you eat and the more time you have to realize you’re full.

5. Take Your Time

Speaking of feeling full… Did you know it takes about 20 minutes for your stomach to signal to your brain that it’s satiated? Take your time eating and really savor every bite. Put your fork down between bites and make sure to chew your food thoroughly. Sip on water throughout your meal, and try to be the last to finish your food.

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6. Stick with One Serving

Restaurant servings tend to be much bigger than a standard serving. Consider ordering a side salad and splitting an entrée with your fellow diner, or check out the kids’ menu. Another option? Ask for a to-go container when you place your order, and put half of the entrée immediately in the doggie bag. If you feel full and there is still food on your plate, ask your waiter to remove the plate before you give way to mindless munching. Learn more about proper portion sizes here.

7. Customize

Don’t be afraid to make your waiter work! Ask for a side salad or grilled veggies instead of fries or chips. Sub in low-fat, vinegar-based dressings for creamier options. Skip the butter, mayonnaise and high calorie add-ons, and ask if your dish can be prepared without added fats. Request that meats and fishes be grilled or baked, and order extra veggies and low-fat cheese on sandwiches, salads, pizzas and wraps.

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8. Stick with Your Normal Schedule

Don’t skip meals in anticipation of a dinner out. You’ll likely end up being so hungry by the time you make it to dinner that you’ll eat anything that’s put in front of you—healthy or not. Enjoy your healthy Nutrisystem meals and snacks throughout the day, and you’ll be less likely to go overboard at ordering time. Healthy hint: Work in a 15-minute workout for some added calorie burn on a day you might indulge in a meal out.

9. Help Yourself to Dessert…. At Home!

You know you have a delicious Nutrisystem treat waiting for you in your cabinet that’s totally guilt-free. So opt out of sweet treats at the restaurant that will cost you more calories and dollars, and enjoy one of your favorite guilt-free go-tos after your meal—in the comfort of your own home. Healthy hint: If the rest of your party wants to have their cake and eat it, too, order a coffee and a side of fresh fruit.

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10. Lean on Support

Need some help mastering a menu? Consult the Nutrisystem Dining Out Guide and consider connecting with a Nutrisystem Weight Loss Coach for help settling on a restaurant or choosing a healthy meal.

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