How to Become a Nutrisystem Portion Pro

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portion controlled strawberries in a measuring cup

On Nutrisystem, you know that you should be adding in your favorite fresh grocery additions in the form of SmartCarbs, PowerFuels, Vegetables, Extras and Free Foods. You also know that it’s important to stick to the recommended portion sizes. But unless you’re walking around with measuring cups in your pockets, honing in on healthy portions can be a bit of a challenge.

The good news is that you can perfect your portion sizes without relying on cumbersome kitchen tools! Visual aids can be a great way to figure out just how much might be too much when adding fresh additions to your plan. Here are some simple comparisons to keep in mind when portioning out your grocery add-ins.

1 oz

1 oz. = 1 thumb or 3 dice
PowerFuels: reduced fat cheese

2-3 oz.

2 oz. = about ²/₃ palm of hand or deck of cards
3 oz. = 1 palm of hand or deck of cards
PowerFuels: 2 oz. meat, poultry or fatty fish, or 3 oz. white fish

1 tsp.

1 tsp. = 1 fingertip or 1 dice
Extras: honey, jelly, maple syrup, mayonnaise, oil and seeds

1 Tbsp.

1 Tbsp. = 1 thumb or 1 poker chip
PowerFuels: 1 Tbsp. oil and nut butter, or 2 Tbsp. nuts and seeds
Extras: avocado, ketchup, low-fat coffee creamer, light salad dressing and reduced-fat mayonnaise

1/4 cup


¼ cup = ½ cupped hand or 1 egg
PowerFuels: avocado, ricotta cheese, and shredded, grated or crumbled cheese.
SmartCarbs: dried fruit and hummus

1/2 cup

½ cup = 1 cupped hand or computer mouse
PowerFuels: 1% cottage cheese, canned tuna, edamame and lean ground turkey
SmartCarbs: brown rice, quinoa, whole grain pasta, beans and starchy veggies (corn, potatoes and peas)

1 cup

1 cup = 1 clenched fist or baseball
PowerFuels: low-fat milk
SmartCarbs: fresh fruit and berries
Extras: unsweetened almond milk and air-popped popcorn

Still not feeling confident about perfecting portion sizes? Check out the Nutrisystem Grocery Guide, which provides the measurements for all your favorite add-ins.