Grocery Add-Ins: What are Extras and Free Foods?

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Just because you’re eating to lose weight, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on flavor. Many ingredients that crank up the satisfaction in your meals are allowed on your Nutrisystem plan, so you can still enjoy the foods you love! Nutrisystem categorizes these as Extras and Free Foods.

What are Nutrisystem Extras?

Extras are low-calorie options that you can use to spice up your meal plan or satisfy a craving. They can make your meals and snacks more sweet, savory, spicy or satisfying. Examples include ingredients like coffee creamer, salad dressing, honey and condiments like ketchup and mayonnaise.

To be deemed an Extra, a food will have between 10-35 calories per serving. But because too many servings of low-calorie foods can easily lead you off plan, you are advised to limit your Extras to three servings a day.

Please Note: Some foods in the Extra category also appear in other categories. The serving size will determine how to count it in your meal plan. For example, avocado will count as an Extra if you use ¹/₈ but if you use ¹/₃, it will count as a PowerFuel.

What are Nutrisystem Free Foods?



Free Foods are condiments, beverages and spices that add flavor to your dishes. They include thins like seasonings, herbs, lemon juice, hot sauce, low-sodium broth, certain condiments and drinks.

Free Foods contain less calories than Extras but still provide major flavor. They are fewer than 10 calories per serving. Because these foods are so low in calories, they are unlimited on your Nutrisystem plan.

Be sure to also check out the Nutrisystem Grocery Guide for even more examples. Download the Grocery Guide here! >

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