NEW! Nutrisystem Meals for Two: Quick to Prepare and Ready to Share

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Roasted Turkey Medallions meals for two

Are you looking for a delicious and easy way to lose weight and get healthy with a buddy? Look no further! Nutrisystem now offers meals designed specifically for two, so that you can both enjoy a meal together without the hassle. Whether you are busy professionals or parents on-the-go, these specially crafted dishes provide the perfect solution: quick to prepare, ready in minutes, and tasty enough to share!

What Are Nutrisystem Meals for Two?

Nutrisystem Meals for Two are a new line of dinners from Nutrisystem. They provide two portions of the same entrée in one convenient package. They are designed and portioned specifically to help you lose weight with a partner, creating less food waste while streamlining your meal prep. Quick to prepare and ready to share, they allow couples to spend more time together instead of worrying about portion size and cooking.

Just like our individual-sized meals, these dinners are designed with your nutrition in mind—and they’ve never been easier (or tastier!) to whip up. No need to slave away in the kitchen; our prepared foods come ready-to-eat so all you have to do is heat them up.

How Do I Order Nutrisystem Meals for Two?

Meals for Two are available with the Nutrisystem Uniquely Yours and Uniquely Yours Max+ Partner Plans. They are also available for purchase separately online in the Nutrisystem a la carte store.

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Benefits of Meals for Two

Ready to share with your favorite person, Meals for Two are the perfect way to share delicious foods with your partner or friend while saving time in the kitchen. They are the perfect companion for couples, roommates or family members embarking on a shared weight loss journey.

Each dish can be easily prepared by following simple instructions. They allow you to heat up both of your meals at the same time, which means there’s less prep time and more time together.

With our convenient frozen packaging, there’s no need for cooking ingredients from scratch—you’ll have hot and hearty meal on the table in minutes! The meals are perfectly portioned and packaged together in the same box, so there is less waste and you always get the right amount of food you both need. They even save you freezer space!

So get ready to bond over a tasty dinner without all of the fuss—Nutrisystem Meals for Two offers quick preparation so you can spend more quality time together.

What are the available meal options?

Chicken Parmesan

Chicken Parmesan

Roasted Turkey Medallions

Roasted Turkey Medallions

Chicken Enchilada