Chocolate Dessert Hummus Recipe

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Chocolate Dessert Hummus with pretzels and apple slices

Discover a delightful twist to your snack time with our Chocolate Dessert Hummus! This luscious, creamy creation is not only irresistibly delicious but also packs a nutritional punch, making it a perfect treat for both health enthusiasts and dessert lovers alike.

Crafted from a simple yet ingenious blend of dates, chickpeas, unsweetened cocoa powder and almond butter, this recipe offers a guilt-free indulgence that will satisfy your sweet cravings without compromising on health. Its rich, velvety texture and deep chocolate flavor, coupled with the natural sweetness from dates and the nutty richness of almond butter, make it an excellent companion for fruit slices, pretzels or even a spoon!

Dive into the world of savory meets sweet and discover how these wholesome ingredients come together to create a decadent treat that you can enjoy any time of the day.

Is Chocolate Hummus Healthy?

Absolutely! Chocolate hummus is a fantastic example of a treat that tastes indulgent but is actually quite healthy. This unique dessert recipe merges the nutritional benefits of chickpeas and dates with the delightful richness of unsweetened cocoa powder and almond butter.

Chickpeas are a great source of plant-based protein and fiber, which can help keep you full and satisfied. Dates, on the other hand, not only add a natural sweetness but also bring a host of essential nutrients like potassium and magnesium to the mix. Unsweetened cocoa powder delivers antioxidants without the added sugar found in traditional chocolate desserts, and almond butter provides healthy fats and vitamin E, supporting heart health and skin vitality.

Together, these ingredients make chocolate hummus a healthier choice that doesn’t skimp on flavor. Whether you’re dipping fruits or spreading it on whole-grain toast, this chocolate hummus is an excellent way to treat yourself to something sweet while still taking care of your body.

When comparing this homemade version to store-bought chocolate hummus, you’ll often find that many commercial options contain added sugars, preservatives and less desirable fats. Making your own chocolate hummus at home allows you to control the quality and quantity of ingredients, ensuring that you’re enjoying a dessert that is as wholesome as it is delicious. Plus, the homemade approach lets you adjust flavors to your liking, enhancing the natural goodness of each component.

So, next time you’re in the mood for a sweet treat, try this homemade chocolate dessert hummus for a healthy and satisfying option!

How to Make Chocolate Hummus

Ingredients Overview

Creating Chocolate Dessert Hummus begins with a simple yet effective selection of ingredients:

  • Pitted dates are essential as they offer natural sweetness and a gooey texture that blends smoothly.
  • Chickpeas form the base of the hummus, providing a creamy texture and a neutral canvas that allows the chocolate flavor to shine.
  • Unsweetened cocoa powder injects a deep, rich chocolaty essence without adding extra sugar.
  • Almond butter introduces a subtle nuttiness and enriches the overall mouthfeel.

Blending for Smoothness

The process starts with softening the dates in water to enhance their sweetness and texture, crucial for a seamless blend. After draining the dates, they are combined with chickpeas in a blender or food processor.

It’s important to blend the chickpeas until completely smooth before adding other components to ensure a fine, creamy base. This step is key in achieving the silky consistency that makes this hummus so appealing.

Perfecting the Consistency

To this base, add the cocoa powder and almond butter, both of which contribute to the flavor profile and texture of the hummus. The blending continues as you gradually introduce water to reach the desired consistency. The precise amount of water can vary—start with less and add more as needed, allowing you to control the thickness and creaminess of your hummus.

Enjoying Your Chocolate Hummus

The final product is a luxurious, chocolaty spread that’s perfect for pairing with fresh fruits, crackers or even enjoyed solo on a spoon. This recipe is not only a treat for the taste buds but also aligns with healthy eating goals, making it an ideal snack for any time of day. If you’re losing weight on Nutrisystem, you can count each serving as one SmartCarb.

Whether you’re serving it at a party or enjoying a quiet snack at home, this chocolate hummus is sure to delight.

What to Eat with Chocolate Hummus

Chocolate hummus is an incredibly versatile treat that pairs beautifully with a variety of foods, making it a star at any gathering or a delightful addition to your daily snacks. Here are some pairing ideas to enhance the experience of enjoying this rich, creamy dessert hummus:

  • Fresh Fruit: Dip slices of apple, banana, strawberries or pear into the chocolate hummus for a refreshing and healthy snack. The natural sweetness and crispness of the fruit complement the creamy, chocolaty flavor of the hummus beautifully.
  • Crackers and Pretzels: For a salty contrast, serve your chocolate hummus with whole grain crackers or pretzels. The saltiness of these snacks balances the sweetness of the hummus, creating a satisfying mix of flavors and textures.
  • Bread and Toast: Spread the chocolate hummus on a slice of toasted multigrain bread, bagels or English muffins for a hearty and delicious breakfast or snack. You can even top it with banana slices or a sprinkle of chia seeds for extra nutrition.
  • Cookies and Graham Crackers: For a dessert-like treat, use it as a dip for cookies or graham crackers. This pairing is perfect for parties or as a fun after-dinner treat for kids and adults alike.
  • Marshmallows: If you’re feeling indulgent, dip marshmallows into chocolate hummus. This combination makes for a delightful, s’mores-inspired treat without the need for a campfire.
  • Spooned Over Desserts: Drizzle or spoon chocolate hummus over pancakes, waffles or ice cream for a unique and decadent dessert option.

These pairing suggestions can help turn your chocolate hummus into a versatile component of various meals and snacks, bringing a delightful twist to traditional pairings.

Customizing Your Chocolate Hummus Recipe

One of the joys of making dessert hummus is its adaptability. You can easily tweak the recipe to suit your taste preferences or dietary needs, allowing you to enjoy a creation that’s uniquely yours. Here are some ideas for customizing your chocolate hummus:

  • Sweetness Adjustments: Depending on your desired level of sweetness, you can adjust the amount of dates or add natural sweeteners like honey, maple syrup or agave nectar. For a sugar-free version, consider using stevia or erythritol.
  • Flavor Enhancements: Infuse your chocolate hummus with different flavors to create a variety of taste profiles. Adding a pinch of sea salt can enhance the chocolate flavor, while a dash of vanilla extract or almond extract will add depth to the overall taste. For a spicy twist, a little cinnamon or even a hint of chili powder can add warmth and complexity.
  • Texture Variations: If you prefer a richer, more decadent texture, consider increasing the amount of almond butter. Alternatively, for a lighter version, you might reduce the almond butter or substitute part of it with a lighter nut butter, like cashew or peanut butter.
  • Nut and Seed Add-Ins: Mix in chopped nuts like walnuts, almonds or pecans for added crunch and nutrition. Seeds, such as chia seeds or hemp seeds, can also be sprinkled in to boost the health benefits and give a subtle texture contrast.
  • Luxury Toppings: For an extra special touch, top your hummus with luxurious ingredients just before serving. Shaved dark chocolate, coconut flakes or a berry compote can make your hummus visually appealing and even more delicious.
  • Protein Boost: For those looking to increase their protein intake, adding a scoop of your favorite protein powder can transform your chocolate hummus into a powerful post-workout snack. Ensure the protein powder blends well with the other flavors in your hummus.

These customization options allow you to tailor your chocolate hummus to different occasions and dietary preferences, making it a versatile addition to your culinary repertoire. Refer to the Nutrisystem Grocery Guide for more information on counting ingredient swaps and add-ins. There’s always room to experiment and find your perfect combination!

Servings: 16 (1 serving = 1-2 Tbsp.)

Calories per Serving: 89

On Nutrisystem, Count As: 1 SmartCarb


  • 1 cup pitted dates + water
  • 1 can (15.5 oz.) chickpeas, no salt added
  • ¼ cup unsweetened cocoa powder
  • ¼ cup almond butter
  • 6-8 Tbsp. water


  1. Soak dates in water for 30 minutes. Drain.
  2. Place chickpeas in a blender or food processor. Blend until smooth.
  3. Add dates, cocoa powder, almond butter and water to the blender. Blend until smooth. (Start with 6 tablespoons of water and add more until it reaches desired consistency.)
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