5 Diet Tips from the Guy Who Lost 200+ Pounds*

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Not all diet tips are created equal. When reaching your weight loss goal seems like a daunting challenge, you can take inspiration from the many others who have succeeded before you. Jason B. is the perfect example of a guy, just like you, who made it possible and wants to help. Jason lost 249 pounds* with the help of a Nutrisystem plan and has some excellent diet tips for staying the course and achieving your goals.

Try these five diet tips from the guy who’s lost over 200 pounds*:

1. Believe you can do it.

Jason B. Diet Tips
This is Jason before his weight loss journey. He had faith in himself just like he wants others to believe in their abilities.

Any diet starts with you, so it’s no wonder that Jason’s first diet tip is to have faith in yourself. “Tell yourself that you’re worth it and you can do it,” he says. “Your health and well-being are worth the effort. That doesn’t mean it’s always easy—as a matter of fact, it’s hard. It takes patience and it takes persistence. There will be days or weeks when the scale doesn’t seem to move and you want to quit, but you can push through those hard times, because the end result is worth fighting for.” He adds, “having early success on Nutrisystem was so important for me. It was the encouragement I needed to keep going.”

2. Make a plan.

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Have a weight loss plan? Well, think of it as your game plan. “I knew I needed a plan that would walk me through it, step by step,” says Jason. “I chose Nutrisystem because it was simple and it was structured. I knew exactly what and when I was supposed to eat and the food made it easy to prepare.”

He explains, “the most successful days were the days that I had a plan. My snacks and meals were planned and ready and I didn’t have to think about what I was going to eat. It helped me avoid a lot of the temptations that can sneak up on you. We’ve all heard the saying ‘If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail’ and it couldn’t be more true.”

3. Take a long view.

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When it comes to weight loss, you can’t get caught up in the short term, or quick fixes. Real results come from real changes… that stick with you for life. Jason acknowledges the impact of this diet tip, explaining, “I always reminded myself that I didn’t gain my weight overnight, so I can’t expect to lose it overnight either.”

He goes on to say, “I always thought I needed to ‘go on a diet’ to lose weight, but that never lasted. Nutrisystem was about a lifestyle change for me. I knew this wasn’t something that I would do for 30 days and stop. I needed to incorporate the changes into my everyday life. I had to form new habits that would stay with me for years to come.”

And, he says, sometimes your old habits set you up for trouble.

“Overcoming decades of bad habits and using food for comfort, and then learning to see food as useful and something I needed to fuel my body was huge for me,” says Jason. “It taught me to see food in a different light and it gave me a sense of control over an area in my life that had felt out of control for so many years.”

4. Consume food… don’t let it consume you.

diet tips Sweet potato kale quinoa patties

Throughout the process of losing weight, Jason discovered the importance of creating a healthy relationship with food. “I’ve found that there are ways to celebrate and enjoy myself without centering everything around food. There are ways to deal with stress or hurt without turning to food to make me feel better. I’ve learned to think of food as fuel for my body instead of turning to it for comfort or as a reward.”

Now, even though it may not take over his life, food is still part of life, so Jason celebrates it. “I now enjoy using vegetables to bring flavor and add color to my meals,” he says. “Spinach is such a great source for so many vitamins and minerals we need, that it’s become a staple in my life that I enjoy incorporating into our meals. I also love sweet potatoes—there are so many great ways to use them and cook them.” Don’t believe him? You’ll want to try these Sweet Potato & Corn Veggie Burgers.

5. Celebrate your success.

Jason B. After diet tips

There can be many hurdles or slip-ups on a weight loss journey, and it would be ridiculous to say otherwise. Jason encourages everyone to move on and focus on the successes, no matter how small. “I had tried so many times to lose weight and failed that, in the beginning, I’m not sure I really expected to reach my goal,” he explains. “It was an incredible and overwhelming moment when I finally hit it.”

This not only gave Jason something to be proud of, but it also gave him more confidence and a new ability to take on his favorite old hobbies. “Because of my weight, I’d had to give up things I loved over the years, like playing golf and other sports. But the more weight I lost, the more active I became. I started playing the sports I loved again, and I am always looking for new things to try. I even competed in my first 5k race. It felt great to set a long-term goal for myself and actually see it through!”  Even better, was the success he found as a “better dad, husband and friend.”

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*Real success story. Expect to lose an avg of 1-2 lbs per week.

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