“The Nutrisystem Experience Has Been Unbelievably Rewarding.”

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finding hope

Finding Hope and Inspiration

“It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.”

That’s the exact philosophy Sarah Fecht adopted when she lost her precious baby boy, Awesome Austin. After grieving the loss of Austin, Sarah says a spark was ignited to become her best self—and that began with Nutrisystem.

“Nutrisystem was the perfect solution for me to get the physical part of my body back to its best,” Sarah says. “But I didn’t know if it really worked. I mean, can you really lose 13 pounds in your first month?”

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Sarah says she quickly learned the answer—Yes, it is possible. And she proved it. Sarah says that losing 13 pounds in the first month* and trading in all of her old clothing for new outfits are her two favorite Nutrisystem memories. Since losing that first 13, she went on to lose a total of 45 pounds with the help of Nutrisystem.**

A Rewarding Journey

Since starting with Nutrisystem, Sarah says that the experience has been “unbelievably rewarding.” She has earned a whole new wardrobe and is excited to go back to her favorite stores and add more clothing to her closet.

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But it’s also been the newfound energy and good health which have been the greatest benefits. Sarah says she is excited to be water skiing again with her children and that she has more energy than ever before. She calls her greatest non-scale victory the energy she now has to keep up with her kids and the strength she feels both mentally and physically.

“My level of confidence and happiness are through the roof.”

Sarah is enjoying trips and adventures she never would have previous to Nutrisystem. “Overall, my health is top-notch. I’ve never felt my muscles in my legs before and can now actually feel them through my skin!”finding hope

Sarah says the best thing about Nutrisystem is that the program met her where she was at in her journey. “I needed healthy food options readily available and coaches to answer any question I was pondering,” Sarah says. “Every coach I spoke with was informative and cared about my success.”

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Of course, what Sarah says helps motivate her most to stay healthy is her inspiration, the memory of her baby boy—and the blessing of a reinvigorated desire to live life to the fullest that he inspired in her.

“Awesome Austin gave me many blessings during his short life,” she says. “I believe that my path to Nutrisystem was one of the blessings he continues to give me today.”

*In a study on the standard plan, avg weight loss was 9.9 lbs. in first month.

** Real Success Story. Weight lost on prior program.

Finding hope and inspiration is the first step to weight loss success. Get started with Nutrisystem today!