How Nutrisystem Success Stories Stay Healthy on Halloween

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Night comes earlier, the temperature is set at chill, and you’re about to face the scariest thing you’ve ever seen… Halloween candy. Every year, your house is invaded by ghouls, goblins, fairy princesses, temptation and calories. And once the trick-or-treaters are gone, even if you’ve disposed of all the treats (one way or the other), you’re heading directly into food festival territory: Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa.

Think of Halloween as the first test of your dieting skills. What you do now will give you strategies for making it down temptation alley later on. And who better to help you than Nutrisystem success stories?

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Here’s how the weight loss winners do it:

Amanda P.

Amanda P

How to keep healthy: “One trick I use is to track every bite and know that the one bite of candy isn’t worth it,” says Amanda P., who lost more than 100 pounds on Nutrisystem*. “Grab a better choice like a banana with Nutrichocolates or a Sea Salt Nut Bar.”

Anita P.

Anita P

How to keep healthy: Anita P.  recommends avoiding temptation entirely by not giving out candy. “Give coins instead,” she says. “You get plenty of chocolate on Nutrisystem—order up on it.”

Charlene B.

Charlene B

How to keep healthy: Don’t be hungry on Halloween, suggests Charlene B. “Eat all your program meals, drink all your water and think about your goal.  Don’t deprive yourself. Have a piece or two of your favorites, and if you want to have more, remember that tomorrow is a new day.”

Cory G.

Cory G

How to keep healthy: Cory G. says you need to face reality. “Life happens. There will always be a birthday or a holiday, or something that comes up to throw you off track. You have to learn how to enjoy the goodies without going off track.”

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John L.

John L

How to keep healthy: “If you have a liking for candy, surround yourself with other treats, like fruit,” recommends John L. “Get gift certificates from local restaurants or give out little toys, but don’t bring candy into the house. If all else fails, buy candy that day and have it gone by the next day.”

Jonathan W.

Jonathan W

How to keep healthy: Jonathan W. deals with Halloween by remembering his priorities. “Think about where you were before and your goal. Losing weight is more important than a piece of candy in the long run.”

Ken N.

Ken N

How to keep healthy: Mess up? “Even if you go off track at Halloween,” says Ken N., “just get back on the horse and continue the program.  Don’t stop. Soon you won’t have cravings for sweets or candy.”

Michelle R.

Michelle R

How to keep healthy: “Put the candy in the freezer!” urges Michelle R. “That way you and the kids can’t eat a lot at once. It slows down the process, so you aren’t tempted by the bowl every time you pass.”

Samantha D.

Samantha D

How to keep healthy: Enjoy one little treat, suggests Samantha D. Or, better yet, “enjoy one of the awesome snacks Nutrisystem has to offer.”

Terry J.

Terry J

How to keep healthy: Terry J. has some suggestions on which Nutrisystem snacks to use to fend off Halloween candy envy: “Need something sweet? Try the mint bar. Something crunchy? The Nutrisystem pretzels—they’re awesome!”

Be sure to keep copy of this story nearby on Halloween (and the day after) for motivation to stay on track! To make sure you stay on track, be sure to stock up on your Nutrisystem favorites right here! >

*$10,000 Contest Winner, Real Success Story. Expect to lose an avg 1-2lbs per week.