Superfood Saturday: Brussels Sprouts

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roasted brussels sprouts

We’ll be honest, we’ve never met a Brussels sprout we didn’t love. When it comes to taste, nutrition and versatility, they just cannot be beat. And while they may be the “hot” veggie these days, there are a lot of nutritional benefits to back up their MVP status. Brussels sprouts are low in fat and contain no saturated fat. Additionally, they are very low in sodium, low in calories, and do not contain any cholesterol—making them a perfect heart-healthy veggie! And to top it off, they are a good source of fiber, folate and Vitamin C.

Brussels sprouts are a winter veggie with a harvest season of September through March, making them an excellent pairing for any Thanksgiving feast or holiday meal. While you may find your sprouts to vary in size from tiny to large at your local grocery store, they all taste great sautéed, broiled, steamed or braised.

There’s really nothing you can’t do with Brussels sprouts but if you need a little help getting on the Brussels train, here’s a quick video on how to prepare basic Brussels sprouts. Ready to get creative with your sprouts? We’ve pulled a few delicious recipes from The Leaf to get you started. Get ready to become Brussels-obsessed:

1. The Best Brussels Sprouts You’ve Ever Had

brussels sprouts
Grab some readily available condiments from your cabinet to create this flavor-packed Balsamic Mustard Glaze.

2. Savory Brussels Sprouts with Apple

Brussels sprouts pumpkin apple chicken stew. toning. selective focus
Watch as Nutrisystem’s own Deanna Otranto demonstrates how to make this delicious side dish. Then, consider adding in some shredded chicken or roasted pecans to pump up the protein. Either way, you’ll enjoy the season’s finest flavors without the guilt of calorie-heavy comfort food. A little bit sweet, a little bit savory—this dish can’t be beat!

3. Brussels Sprout Skewers with Mustard Marinade

grilled brussels sprouts with mustard marinade
Grab the skewers, heat up the grill, and try this out-of-the-ordinary approach to grilled brussels sprouts.

4. Roasted Salmon With Kale and Brussels Sprouts

salmon dinner
This fiber and protein-rich meal is the perfect dish to reboot your commitment to health!