10 Fall Casseroles Your Taste Buds and Family Will Fall For

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fall casseroles

The first nip of chill in the air makes home cooks turn their thoughts from cold, light fare to something more filling, comforting and substantial. The problem is, fall casseroles are rarely the epitome of diet-friendly food, particularly when they’re held together by gooey cheese. We’re changing that with these 11 delicious one-pan meals that fit into your Nutrisystem weight loss plan. Some of them are even held together by gooey cheese (low fat, of course) with the help of other nutritious ingredients. Despite their healthy label, they’re so good that even your family will love them.

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Here are 10 fall-inspired casseroles that your taste buds (and family) will fall for:

1. Chicken Chili Cornbread

fall casseroles

You have your game day chili recipe right here. Double it for a crowd. No one’s going to know this is part of your diet plan. Chock full of veggies, such as onion, red and green bell peppers, diced tomatoes, chilies, tomato sauce and corn, it can be spiced for all tastes with chili powder, cumin, cayenne pepper and smoked paprika. Maple syrup sweetens the cornbread just enough to make it the perfect foil for this spicy dish. At 306 calories per serving (the recipe makes eight), you’ll feel satisfied even if your team loses.

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2. Italian Chicken Casserole

fall casseroles

This is a delicious, slimmed-down version of the Italian favorite, Chicken Cacciatore. Nutrient and fiber-packed quinoa and cauliflower are included to make it extra filling. Boneless, skinless chicken breast is cut into chunks and incorporated into a rich sauce of tomatoes, onions, low-sodium chicken broth, garlic, oregano and basil. A sprinkle of part-skim mozzarella is added in the last 15 minutes of baking. The recipe makes six servings, so it’s great for a family dinner or as a cook-ahead dish you can freeze for later.

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3. Autumn Chicken and Farro Casserole

fall casseroles

If you’ve never had farro, you’re in for a treat. This ancient grain is shaped like rice and cooks like it too. It has a nutty flavor, a bit more chew than rice and a quarter cup contain three grams of filling fiber. This recipe combines farro with chicken breast, sweet yellow onion, cubed butternut squash, Brussels sprouts, unsweetened dried cherries and chopped pecans for extra crunch. It makes eight servings, so you can save the extra for one of your on-the-go nights.

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4. Healthy Corn Pudding Casserole

fall casseroles

This recipe is a triple threat: You can eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner! It’s also easy to make. Whisk together cornmeal, milk, egg whites, ricotta cheese, corn and chives. Throw it in the oven and next thing you know, you’re sitting down to enjoy this hearty fall casserole. Just add a veggie side like green beans or broccoli. Unlike the corn pudding of your childhood, this one isn’t a calorie bomb.

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5. Italian Vegetable Quinoa Bake

quinoa bake

Our next dish is perfect for “meatless Monday” and for those who need their fall casseroles gluten-free. This easy bake combines roasted cauliflower and zucchini with quinoa, tomato sauce, fat-free cottage cheese, dried oregano and thin-sliced fresh basil leaves for a rich, Italian taste. The recipe makes 8 servings so your family may be able to have a meatless Tuesday too!

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6. Green Bean Casserole

green bean casserole

A Thanksgiving staple gets a makeover in our healthy recipe. We substituted canned creamed soup for low fat yogurt, bread crumbs for crushed whole wheat crackers and high-fat, fried onions for fresh, oven-baked onion rings. In fact, this version is so delicious you can serve it at Thanksgiving for the entire family (or keep it for yourself for a special lunch).

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7. Twice Baked Cauliflower

baked cauliflower

Cauliflower replaces potatoes in this cheesy casserole that’s perfect for cool, fall nights. You’ll be surprised how much cooked cauliflower tossed into the food processor with nonfat Greek yogurt, Parmesan cheese and parsley looks and tastes like mashed potatoes. Add some scallions and cheddar cheese, then bake your mashed cauliflower for 15 minutes, with a few minutes under the broiler to make the top nice and crispy.

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8. Meat and Potato Casserole

fall casseroles

This casserole is so hearty, even the name sounds filling. However, rest assured that it doesn’t come with the same fat and calories as your usual meat and potatoes meal. To slim down, this casserole uses lean ground turkey instead of beef. Egg whites and whole wheat flour cut the fat and add the fiber. Add this one to your families list of favorite fall casseroles!

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9. Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup Bake

Fall Casseroles

Our recipe developers managed to spin everybody’s favorite school lunch into a hearty and satisfying casserole that your whole family will love. It’s slimmed down by the addition of reduced-fat cheddar and multi-grain sourdough bread. Tomato paste, almond milk, garlic and basil replace tomato soup and is poured over the cheese sandwiches in a casserole dish. Even your kids will be asking for seconds of this healthy dish!

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10. Vegetable Lasagna Bake

Fall Casseroles

You don’t have to live without lasagna, even when you’re dieting. Add this light version of the Italian favorite to your weekly menu. One serving is only 231 calories because you’re using low fat cottage or ricotta cheese and low fat mozzarella. Spinach, butternut squash and sliced tomato add fiber and a slew of nutrients so that you can enjoy your lasagna guilt-free. Fall casseroles never looked (and tasted) so good!

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