The Top 10 Nutrisystem Breakfasts—and What to Add to Them

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Nutrisystem Buttermilk Waffles Breakfast Ideas topped with berries and maple syrup

PowerFuels, SmartCarbs, Vegetables and Extras are great ways to enjoy foods outside of your normal Nutrisystem meals—a meal at your favorite restaurant that counts as a Flex Meal, or a recipe you make at home that you can enjoy now and after you’ve reached your goal weight.

But those add-ins are also fantastic for making Nutrisystem’s easy-to-eat, already delicious meals taste even better—adding vegetable toppings to your Nutrisystem pizza, or getting more spaghetti with your Chicken Pasta Parmesan by adding some spaghetti squash.

It works at breakfast, too! You can add SmartCarbs, PowerFuels, Vegetables, Extras and Free Foods to make your Nutrisystem breakfasts tastier and even more powerful for your weight loss success.

We’ll go even further than one idea: Instead of one suggestion, we’ve got five breakfast add-in ideas for the top 10 Nutrisystem breakfast items! For each, we’ve provided ideas for a PowerFuel, SmartCarb, Vegetable, Extra and Free Food from our Grocery Guide that can take these weight loss favorites from great to outstanding—adding flavor, filling nutrients and more to kickstart your day. While you won’t add all of them at every meal time, we wanted to make sure that you have plenty of ideas and inspiration for when you need to incorporate a grocery add-in into your Nutrisystem meal.

Please Note: The number of SmartCarbs and PowerFuels that you will add each day will vary based on your specific meal plan. Be sure to check the NuMi app for your specific meal plan guidelines. You can rearrange your PowerFuels and SmartCarbs throughout the day to have them at different meal times. (Rearranging is OK, but adding is not. Stick to the number of PowerFuels and SmartCarbs outlined in your NuMi journal.)

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Check out these Nutrisystem breakfast ideas for a delicious start to your day!:

1. Turkey Sausage and Egg Muffin

Turkey Sausage and Egg Muffin

PowerFuel: Cheese, low sodium, 1 slice

As if you needed an excuse! Make that morning muffin gooey and melty with the addition of a slice of cheese before preparing—and get some filling protein and fat while you’re at it. One slice of low-sodium cheese counts as one PowerFuel.

SmartCarb: Orange, 1 medium

If you’re an orange juice lover, you can still get that flavor with the added fiber from the actual orange. It’s great with any of these breakfasts: Add a medium orange to your plate for one SmartCarb.

Vegetable: Onions and Spinach, unlimited

Before preparing your muffin, put a slice of red onion and some spinach leaves between the muffin and sausage—or, if you prefer the veggies raw, add them as toppings after it’s already warm. You’ll get a head start on your four daily servings of non-starchy vegetables, while also adding some flavor to your muffin. Both of these vegetables are unlimited on Nutrisystem!

Extra: Ketchup, 1 Tbsp.

Another no-brainer! Just watch the portion—ketchup calories add up quicker than you think. Measure out one tablespoon of ketchup for one Extra.

Free Food: Jalapenos, unlimited

Give your tongue a morning pick-me-up: Add some sliced jalapeno to your egg muffin sandwich for some spice that’s free—you can eat as much of this pepper as you dare!

2. Buttermilk Waffles

Buttermilk Waffles

PowerFuel: Cottage Cheese, 1% fat, no salt added, ½ cup

Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it! Topping a waffle with cottage cheese—and some berries and syrup—can add filling protein to the plate while enhancing the crunch-tastic experience of eating your Nutrisystem Buttermilk Waffles. A half-cup of one-percent, no salt added cottage cheese counts as one PowerFuel.

SmartCarb: Berries (blackberries, blueberries, whole strawberries), 1 cup

The antioxidants in berries can help your body be better protected against diseases like diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer’s. And the sweetness in them can protect your taste buds from having a boring morning! They’re an obvious choice to top your waffle—and you can have up to one cup of blueberries, blackberries or strawberries for one SmartCarb.

Vegetable: Vegetable Juice, low sodium, 4 oz. (½ cup)

Vegetable juice is a quick, simple way to get started on getting the veggies—and nutrients—your body needs. Pour a half-cup glass of low-sodium vegetable juice to go with your coffee and waffle, and you’re well on your way to achieving your four daily veggie servings.

Extra: Maple Syrup, 1 tsp.

Like ketchup, watch the portion size—maple syrup is basically pure sugar! Measure out a teaspoon for one Extra.

Free Food: Black coffee, unlimited

This one goes with everything in the top 10, and it gives you more than just a jolt: A 2015 study found that daily coffee drinking reduced subjects’ risk of early death. Take it black or add some non-caloric sweetener, like stevia—also a free food! If you like your coffee with creamer, try to stick to low calorie options.

3. Cinnamon Roll

Cinnamon Roll

 PowerFuel: Nuts (almonds, cashews, peanuts, pecans, pistachios, walnut halves), 2 Tbsp.

Give that squishy roll some delicious crunch: Top it with some peanuts, cashews, walnuts or your other favorite nut. Adding nuts won’t just make the roll more flavorful, but research shows that it can also help your brain work better, including improving your memory. Just remember (get it?) to measure: Two tablespoons of nuts count as one PowerFuel.

SmartCarb: Dried Fruit, no added sugar, ¼ cup

Raisins on a cinnamon roll are a classic—but you could add golden raisins, dried cranberries or another dried fruit to find your own favorite twist. Measure out a quarter-cup of no-sugar added dried fruit to count as one SmartCarb.

Vegetable: Bell Peppers, unlimited

The cinnamon roll is gooey: Have some crunch on the side! Start your day with some bright, sweet red bell peppers to complement this sugary treat, and get vitamin A to keep your eyes bright, too! They’re an unlimited veggie on Nutrisystem.

Extra: Coffee Creamer, fat-free, 1 Tbsp.

What’s a cinnamon roll without a cup of joe? Make it a little creamier to match that gooey roll: One tablespoon of fat-free creamer is one Extra.

Free Food: Cinnamon, unlimited

If your cinnamon roll isn’t cinnamon-y enough for your taste, spices—like cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and more—are Free Foods on Nutrisystem. Give that roll a little extra oomph!

4. Double Chocolate Muffin

Double Chocolate Muffin

PowerFuel: Milk, low-fat or soy, 8 oz. (1 cup)

Eating a double chocolate muffin is so decadent that many Nutrisystem members—and double chocolate lovers—say it’s like having cake for breakfast. And what goes better with cake than a glass of milk? An eight-ounce glass of cool, creamy low-fat or soy milk will add some protein to your morning meal—and counts as one PowerFuel.

SmartCarb: Banana, 1 medium

Chocolate and banana: Try to name a more iconic pair! Eat it as a side, or combine slices of banana with hunks of the muffin on a fork to get this classic combo into your a.m. meal. More bananas means more potassium, which could reduce your risk of a stroke. Have a medium-sized fruit with your muffin for one SmartCarb.

Vegetable: Mixed Greens, unlimited

The double chocolate muffin is like dessert for breakfast—if that’s OK, who says you can’t have salad for breakfast, too? Many dietitians recommend filling half your plate with vegetables at every meal … so get started early! You—yes, you!—can start a revolution … salad for breakfast! The mixed greens are unlimited on your Nutrisystem plan.

Extra: Chocolate Syrup, 2 tsp.

Hey, maybe you’re a real chocoholic. If so, you could top your double chocolate muffin with two teaspoons of chocolate syrup for one Extra. Or … save it for later.

Free Food: Unsweetened Green Tea, unlimited

Green tea is chockful of potential health benefits and may even support your weight loss goals. Pour yourself a piping cup—or two, it’s a Free Food!—to enjoy with your morning muffin.

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5. Blueberry Muffin

Blueberry Muffin

 PowerFuel: Peanut Butter, 1 Tbsp.

The Blueberry Muffin is a perfect grab-and-go breakfast, but if you’ve got a second, sit down—cut that gorgeous muffin in half and slather on a tablespoon of peanut butter. All that extra gooey goodness will enhance the muffin’s flavor and add one PowerFuel to your morning.

SmartCarb: Cantaloupe, cubed, 1 cup

If you want the heart-healthy benefits of potassium but you aren’t crazy about bananas, try this melon: One cup of cantaloupe has about two-thirds of the potassium of a banana. And that amount also counts as one SmartCarb.

Vegetable: Carrots, unlimited

Add some crunch to your morning! Carrot sticks are just as easy to grab-and-go as the ultra-convenient Blueberry Muffin—and they’re just as delicious. One cup of raw carrots counts as one Vegetable on Nutrisystem.

Extra: Honey, 1 tsp.

Drizzle some on your muffin for a little extra sweetness. Just bee careful with the portion! One teaspoon of honey is one Extra.

Free Food: Black coffee, unlimited

It’s a blueberry muffin! You can’t have it without a cup of coffee! And it might help you fight fat: Scientists in England found that drinking coffee can stimulate “brown fat,” a type of fat that is associated with burning more calories than “white fat.” The ratio of brown fat in your body can also be affected by taking a really cold shower, but we’d rather wake up with the coffee!

6. Homestyle Pancakes

Homestyle Pancakes

 PowerFuel: Egg, 1 large

Eggs and pancakes—doesn’t get more classic than that! And adding a hard-boiled or lightly fried egg can do wonders for your health—eggs have more carotenoids, or A Vitamins, than carrots or leafy greens. They also contain antioxidants that could actually ward off heart disease, not cause it. One large egg is one PowerFuel on Nutrisystem.

SmartCarb: Peach, fresh, 1 medium

Berries might be your go-to, but try some sliced peaches on your pancakes for a new twist on adding fruit to your short stack. It pairs great with syrup, and one medium peach is one SmartCarb.

Vegetable: Celery, unlimited

When you’re done swiping up the last of your syrup, clear your palate with some crunchy celery. Research shows it could protect you against certain cancers. A compound in those green stalks called luteolin may help stop inflammation that’s associated with brain diseases and certain cancers. Two stalks counts as one Vegetable.

Extra: Light Whipped Cream, 2 Tbsp.

One teaspoon of syrup is one Extra. No measuring spoons handy? Try this: The tip of your index finger is about a teaspoon—measure out a fingertip full.

Free Food: Black Tea, unlimited

Green tea gets all the love, but black tea may also help with weight loss. Like yogurt, it can help improve your gut bacteria by acting as a prebiotic. Instead of introducing new, good bacteria into your stomach, scientists have found that black tea helps your digestive system grow the good germs all on its own. Have as much as you’d like—it’s a Free Food!

7. Granola Cereal

Granola Cereal

PowerFuel: Yogurt, nonfat, plain, 1 cup

You could use low-fat milk, or munch on this granola mix like it’s a trail mix. But try mixing those crunchy bits into some yogurt. One cup could help lower your blood pressure and improve digestion. That’s thanks to the probiotics or “good” bacteria in the yogurt. Eat up to a cup for one PowerFuel.

SmartCarb: Apple, 1 medium

Whether it’s a quarter-cup of dried apple or a whole, fresh one, adding some to your granola may not keep the doctor away—but it will give your bowl some filling fiber to keep hunger away until lunch! One medium fresh apple or one quarter-cup of dried fruit is one SmartCarb.

Vegetables: Cucumbers, unlimited

Double up on crunch: Have some cucumbers on the side (or after) your morning cereal. When dieters eat water-rich foods like cucumbers, they eat fewer calories without reducing the overall size of their meals. Cucumbers are an unlimited food on Nutrisystem. One cup of raw slices is one Vegetable serving.

Extra: Pumpkin Seeds, 1 tsp.

If you’re eating the granola like a trail mix, toss in some seeds for some healthy fats and a little extra crunch. One teaspoon of these seeds counts as one Extra.

Free Food: Cinnamon or Chili Powder, unlimited

Give your granola a little spice: Sprinkle in some cinnamon if you’re having it as cereal. If you’re eating it from the bag, be daring—try sprinkling in some chili powder for a spicy kick. Both spices are Free Foods on Nutrisystem.

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8. NutriFlakes Cereal

NutriFlakes Cereal

PowerFuel: Almond Butter, 1 Tbsp.

Add some creamy, dream almond butter to this crunchy breakfast cereal. After preparing according to the package directions, drizzle some all-natural almond butter on top for a smart, satisfying and super delicious morning meal.

SmartCarb: Sliced bananas or strawberries, 1 cup

These are classic additions for a reason—but the extra reason is fiber. Adding a cup of sliced strawberries or a whole sliced banana to your bowl of NutriFlakes as a SmartCarb adds fiber that will help keep you full until lunch.

Vegetable: Vegetable Juice, low sodium, 4 oz. (½ cup)

If you don’t like the idea of eating four servings during the rest of the day, get started early with your greens in a glass: Pour a half-cup of low-sodium vegetable juice to put one Vegetable serving in the tank before you start your day.

Extra: Unsweetened Coconut Flakes, 1 Tbsp.

Double the flakes, double the flavor! Sprinkle unsweetened coconut flakes into your NutriFlakes for a tropical twist on this classic breakfast. Not a coconut fan? Here’s a bonus idea: Drizzle on some chocolate syrup! Flakes in chocolate milk? Feel like a kid again: Use up to two teaspoons of chocolate syrup to turn your bowl into a chocolatey treat—those two teaspoons count as one Extra.

Free Food: Stevia, unlimited

Some people grew up with a little sprinkle of sugar on their cereal. If that’s you, skip the sugar. Swap in some calorie-free sweetener like stevia to have that nostalgic sweet kick without the calories.

9. Honey Wheat Bagel

Honey Wheat Bagel

 PowerFuel: Avocado, 1/3 of a medium fruit

Some people think salmon, but adding avocado to your bagel can create a whole new flavor sensation. It’s like a bagel version of avocado toast! Another idea? Cottage cheese! Try this recipe for a Peach Buzz Bagel sandwich for a sweet start to your day. A half-cup of one percent cottage cheese counts as one PowerFuel.

SmartCarb: Mandarin Oranges, 2 medium

If the peach doesn’t get you buzzing, try topping your bagel with another sweet fruit: Some wedges of mandarin oranges can make the cottage cheese (or cream cheese) pop with extra flavor and sweetness. Plus, it provides you with a burst of Vitamin C. You can have up to two mandarin oranges for a single SmartCarb.

Vegetable: Leeks, Cucumbers and Onions, unlimited

Not into fruit? Go for the classic: Pair your Extra of cream cheese with leeks, cucumber slices and red onions for a cool, sharp, classic flavor combination that feels like indulging. All three are unlimited veggies on Nutrisystem—one cup of raw veggies counts as one Vegetable.

Extra: Cream Cheese, reduced-fat or fat-free, 1 Tbsp.

It’s a bagel! Of course it needs a smear of cream cheese. Make sure to measure: One tablespoon of low-fat or fat-free cream cheese counts as an Extra.

Free Food: Green Chiles, unlimited

Instead of going sweet, try spicy. Once you’ve swiped on your cream cheese, top your bagel with some green chiles for a little a.m. heat.

10. French Toast

Nutrisystem Frozen French Toast with maple syrup and berries

PowerFuel: Turkey bacon, 2 oz. cooked or about 2-3 slices

Serve up this delightful classic French toast breakfast on a leisurely Sunday morning. The aroma of warm, golden-brown toast paired with crispy turkey bacon sizzling on the side creates a perfect harmony of sweet and salty flavors. The wholesome fiber from the whole grain bread perfectly complements the protein-packed turkey bacon, making it a satisfying and balanced meal choice. Enjoy about two to three slices of low-sodium turkey bacon as a PowerFuel to kickstart your day with energy and flavor.

SmartCarb: Orange juice, 4 fl. oz.

Not sure you need a reason—it’s orange juice with French toast! Just make sure to choose 100% juice with no added sugar.

Vegetable: Mushrooms, unlimited

Sauté some mushrooms while you’re cooking that turkey bacon and serve them up as a savory side.

Extra: Avocado, pureed, 1 Tbsp.

If you used some oil to make those mushrooms, make sure to count it—one teaspoon of canola or olive oil counts as an Extra. But if you’ve still got Extra room, turn your whole grain French Toast into avocado toast. One tablespoon of the pureed green fruit is one Extra—sprinkle on some salt, pepper and lemon juice, and you’ve made a Flex bonus to your breakfast that will keep you fueled and full until lunchtime.

Free Food: Butter spray, unlimited

Make your French toast extra  butter and delicious with a spritz of butter spray.