8 Healthy Breakfast Recipes for a Better (and More Flex-ible) Morning

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Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Healthy breakfast recipes are a staple here at Nutrisystem because we don’t just want you to lose weight—we want you to adopt healthy habits that help you keep the weight and lead a better life. Cooking your own nourishing meals is one of these lifelong healthy habits. Flex Meals are built into the Nutrisystem program, in order to get you started, creating some food on your own with a set of nutritional guidelines. Our recipes are quick and easy to make, ultimately simplifying the process of healthy eating.

So, if you’re ready to tackle the morning meal, we have some great healthy breakfast recipes that making meeting Flex breakfast criteria a snap. They are all nutritious, delicious and will leave you feeling satisfied until your next small meal.

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Experiment with all eight of these healthy breakfast recipes:

1. Lemon Poppy Seed Pancakes >

Lemon Poppy Seed Pancakes

With a banana and eggs at the heart of this flourless pancake batter, it’s already got a lot of flavor—and that’s before the lemon and poppy seeds! These pancakes will get your day off to a great start without making you feel weighted down or overly full. It’s just the right fuel to get you going and hold you over until it’s time for another meal. Make it here >

2. Berry Yogurt Protein Parfait >


Whisk together your favorite protein powder (or our Vanilla Nutrisystem Shake) with a cup of nonfat plain Greek yogurt to get this delicious parfait started. Then, it’s all about layering in some yummy berries and topping it off with shredded coconut for a dessert-like start to the morning. If you like a sweeter breakfast, this is the perfect pick of our healthy breakfast recipes. It’ll save you hundreds of calories, compared to some jumbo muffin or other sugary treat. So, bypass the bakery items and opt for a parfait that gets your morning going on the right foot. Make it here >

3. 3-Ingredient Banana Pancake >

banana pancakes

You read that right—it takes just three ingredients to make this delicious morning pancake. Traditional pancake batter is mostly comprised of bleached flour, which offers up very little nutrition—plus it usually includes some added sugar and vanilla to sweeten things up. But, you don’t need all that: This simple pancake recipe uses bananas and cinnamon for plenty of sweetness, as well as eggs to fluff it up. It’s a flavorful pancake that’s got that extra special nutrition factor! Make it here >

4. Mango Vanilla Chia Pudding >

mango Chia seed pudding

This tasty morning breakfast is another recipe that is super easy to make, but tastes completely awesome. Because it’s a make-ahead recipe, you’ll do the prep work the night before and have your breakfast ready-to-go when you wake up. It’s as simple as mixing the four ingredients together and letting sit overnight. Easy, delicious, and nutritious. Not a bad use of that box of Vanilla Nutrisystem Shake at all. Make it here >

5. Super Power Breakfast Bowl >

breakfast power bowl

You would never know this hearty breakfast was only 279 calories with the amount of food you get on your plate. If you prefer a hot breakfast, this is a great choice: It includes nutritious ingredients like potatoes, turkey bacon, spinach, tomatoes and egg, and it’s got 21 grams of protein. The Super Power Breakfast Bowl will kick off your day with a surge of energy, so you can fly through your day. Make it here >

6. Morning Tofu Scramble >

Morning Tofu Scramble

This “scramble” uses tofu at its base instead of egg, but, trust us, it totally works. Tumeric, cumin and other seasonings that you might normally scratch your head over do some serious work on this protein, in a dish that’s just as unique as it is delicious. Combined with some colorful veggies, black beans and even pine nuts—this scramble might become such a favorite dish that you find yourself making it for a lunch or dinner too! Make it here >

7. Berry Delight Yogurt Parfait >


Parfaits always make a popular breakfast dish, but oftentimes the ones you buy at a convenience store or fast food drive-thru have added sugars you don’t really need. This particular recipe is sweet enough on its own with fresh mixed berries and it’s layered among nonfat Greek yogurt for an extra pump of protein. Some slivered almonds add just the right amount of crunch in this filling combination of textures and tastes. Make it here >

8. Light Fruit and Cheese Sandwich >

fruit and cheese sandwich healthy breakfast recipes

The combination of fruit and cheese in this breakfast dish brings tons of sweet flavor that will leave you feeling satisfied after your morning meal. Fresh mixed fruit, honey, light cottage cheese and some cheddar are all packed inside a whole wheat pita pocket and topped off with chopped green onion to enhance the taste even more. Make it here >