5 Omelet Recipes Worth Waking Up For

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Thanks to being loaded with high quality proteins, vitamins and minerals, eggs are a great way to start your day. When it comes to preparing eggs, nothing quite tops the omelet. It’s a classic yet versatile option that can be cooked up with many different flavors. The perfect canvas to create a unique and delicious meal filled with your favorite ingredients. If you need more omelet recipes for your breakfast lineup, we’re here to help!

Of course, it’s easy to fall into an omelet rut—particularly if you’ve gotten into the habit of cooking your omelets the same way every day. That’s why we’ve rounded up five quick and easy omelet recipes that will provide you with the variety you’ve been looking for. They’re all quite different when it comes to flavor combinations. However, they all share the common trait of being a delicious and nutritious way to begin your mornings.

If you don’t feel like cooking an omelet, we can help with that too! Nutrisystem makes a delicious omelet that is just as good as the recipes below.

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Here are five delicious omelet recipes that are worth waking up for:

1. Superfood Veggie Omelet >

Superfood Veggie Omelet

For those who struggle to get enough veggies in their day, breakfast omelets are the perfect place to sneak in some extra servings. There is no doubt that this Superfood Veggie Omelet packs plenty in! It incorporates spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, bell peppers and onions with two large eggs and a little bit of milk. This allows you to start your day with a big burst of protein power and plenty of fiber.

2. Pesto Tomato Omelet >

pesto tomato omelet

To keep this recipe lower in cholesterol, this omelet is made using only the egg whites. However, if you’re not a fan of egg whites it also tastes great using a whole egg. A small tablespoon of pesto adds big flavor. It also features both cherry tomatoes and sun-dried tomatoes that bring sweetness and texture. Enjoy this Italian-inspired omelet!

3. Cheddar Bacon Omelet >

Cheddar Bacon Omelet

There’s nothing quite like the combination of cheddar cheese and bacon. However, those two food options rarely accompany a healthy meal. Fortunately, this omelet makes the famous duo healthier by using a low-fat cheese. The use of turkey bacon also helps as it contains less fat and calories than traditional bacon. Fuel your day with this high protein breakfast.

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4. Sweet Potato Black Bean Omelet >

Sweet Potato Black Bean Omelet

If you’re looking for a unique twist on a traditional omelet, you’ll definitely want to try this one. It combines sweet potato, black beans and avocados resulting in a delicious combination of protein, fiber and healthy fat. Finish it off with chopped cilantro and sriracha for a kick. Spice up your day with this zesty omelet!

5. Easy Loaded Omelet Muffins >

loaded egg muffins

Craving an omelet but need something that’s grab-n-go? Then these veggie-packed omelet muffins are the perfect start to your day! This flavorful recipe packs in plenty of veggies including onions, green peppers, mushrooms and chopped spinach. The recipe makes a dozen muffins and you can enjoy three as one serving. Enjoy your omelet while you’re on the run!

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