3 Easy Pinwheel Recipes

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pinwheel recipes

Pinwheel recipes are easy to make and even more fun to eat. It’s no wonder they’re the hottest trend in sandwiches. All you have to do is roll and slice, and you’ve got a lovely presentation that almost looks too good to eat—almost.

With some of the delectable pinwheel recipes out there, you certainly wouldn’t deprive yourself of trying them! And there are lots of ways to get healthy with pinwheels, too. You can mix in veggies, lean proteins and other healthful ingredients, giving your dish as much nutritional power as flavor.

When packed with healthy ingredients, pinwheel recipes can make for ideal Flex meals or snacks if you’re on a Nutrisystem plan. If you’re on the hunt for tasty but guilt-free pinwheel recipes, here are three you’ve got to try:

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1. Roasted Red Pepper and Turkey Pinwheel Wraps >

Roasted Red Pepper and Turkey Pinwheel Wraps

To kick off our list of pinwheel recipes, we’ve got a classic. There’s nothing quite like a good turkey sandwich and by making it a pinwheel, you’ll enjoy this one even more. In this simple recipe, you’ve got the lean protein of turkey paired with baby spinach leaves, hummus and roasted red peppers. All wrapped up in a fiber-rich whole wheat tortilla, it’s a lunch you can feel good about eating. After all, there’s a lot of nutrition packed into those pint-sized pinwheels. Spinach is a nutrient-dense vegetable that contains vitamin C, vitamin K, folic acid, iron, calcium and carotenoids. Red peppers are also packed with antioxidants, increasing the health benefits even more. One tortilla wrap should produce about six pinwheels and all six count as one serving.

2. Cranberry Walnut Pinwheel Wraps >

Cranberry walnut pinwheel wraps

There are so many ways to get creative with pinwheels—and this recipe is one of them. It shows that you can create delicious pinwheel roll-ups even without the meat. This delightful treat combines the unexpected ingredients of goat cheese, nonfat cream cheese, fresh orange juice, dried cranberries and walnuts. The cheeses and juice are mixed to create a delicious and creamy spread and the cranberries and walnuts are added in for a sweet and salty flavor combo—and chewy/crunchy texture mix! Wrapped up in a whole wheat tortilla, this pinwheel is sure to become a favorite. Each whole wheat tortilla wrap will produce about six pinwheels and three count as one serving, clocking in at 246 calories.

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3. Chicken Taco Pinwheel Wraps >

Chicken Taco Pinwheel Wraps

If it’s more of a zesty recipe you’re looking for, then you’ve got to try this Chicken Taco Pinwheel wrap. To make the easy filling, you’ll combine shredded chicken with low-fat Mexican cheese, nonfat cream cheese, salsa and some chili powder. Then spread the mixture across a whole wheat tortilla and roll it all up. It’s perfect for a unique meal on Taco Tuesday! And at just 164 calories, this is a dish that will fulfill your craving for Mexican food but won’t set your healthy eating plan on a detour. When done, the recipe will make six pinwheels and three count as a serving—so feel free to share with a buddy or save some for later.