Grilled Chili and Cheese Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

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Grilled Chili and Cheese Stuffed Sweet Potatoes cooked in a foil packet for camping

Camping season calls for easy homestyle meals that are grill-friendly. This recipe for Grilled Chili and Cheese Stuffed Sweet Potatoes is ideal for cooking up at the campground. Meaty, cheesy and easy to prepare, your family will be asking for this camping-inspired dinner all summer long! They’ll love its comfort food flavor (and you’ll love that it fits into your Nutrisystem weight loss plan!).

You can use a store-bought can of turkey chili with beans to make this recipe. This makes it super campground-friendly, since all you have to do is pack up the cans and sweet potatoes. Just make sure to save a little room in your cooler for some shredded cheddar cheese, which can also be used for many other camping meals.

Making your own chili from scratch is another option. Need a delicious turkey chili recipe to stuff these savory sweet potatoes? Check out our healthy recipe for Ground Turkey Chili! Featuring bell peppers, onions, celery, spinach, scallions, plus a tasty blend of spices and a two different types of beans, it’s packed with fresh flavor and fiber for a nutritious and delicious meal.

Once you’ve cooked or stocked up on your chili, it’s time to get grilling! The first step of this easy camping recipe is cooking the sweet potatoes. You can cook them over a grill or a campfire. Just wrap up the potatoes individually in foil and leave them to cook for about 60 minutes or until they become soft. Be sure to rotate them every so often. Heat up your chili of choice and stuff each cooked sweet potato with some chili and shredded cheese.

One serving of this Grilled Chili and Cheese Stuffed Sweet Potatoes recipe contains 312 calories. However, it may vary depending on the type of chili that you use. If you’re on a Nutrisystem weight loss plan, you can log it into your NuMi app journal as two SmartCarbs and one and a half PowerFuels.

Tasty Stuffed Sweet Potato Toppings

Want to take the flavor of up a notch? Try adding some delicious toppings to your chili stuffed sweet potatoes! Add some unlimited non-starchy Vegetables and Free Foods, such as diced tomatoes, onions, scallions, bell peppers and jalapenos. You could even add some hot sauce! If you have some limited Extras to spare for the day, you can add a small amount of low-fat sour cream or plain low-fat Greek yogurt for some creamy decadence.

Transform this chili stuffed sweet potato into a taco stuffed sweet potato! Just swap out the turkey chili with turkey taco meat. Keep the cheese and add all of your favorite taco toppings. The sweet potato is a unique and healthy alternative to flour tortillas!

If you loved this tasty recipe, make sure to try out our Air Fryer Chili Potato Skins!

Enjoy your favorite foods while you lose weight and get healthy! Nutrisystem makes weight loss simple and delicious with home delivery of tasty meals and snacks, an easy game plan to follow and an amazing support system.

Servings: 4

Calories per Serving: 312

On Nutrisystem, Count As: 2 SmartCarbs and 1 ½ PowerFuels


  • 4 small sweet potatoes
  • 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese, reduced fat
  • 2 cups turkey chili


  1. Wrap sweet potatoes individually in foil.
  2. Cook sweet potatoes on a grill or over a campfire for about 60 minutes or until soft, rotating every so often.
  3. Heat chili and place ½ cup of turkey chili and ¼ cup of cheese on each potato.
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