6 NuMi App Features You’re Not Using (But Should Be)

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man using the numi app features while drinking coffee at breakfast

Get the most out of your Nutrisystem journey with our official companion app, NuMi! The FREE NuMi app is your portal to success, allowing you to tap into weight loss with amazing support, motivation and features that keep you on track. Take advantage of all that the NuMi app has to offer with these seven awesome features you should be using:

1. NuMi App Reminders

NuMi app Reminders feature

If you’re having trouble remembering to log into NuMi, the Reminder feature may just be your solution. These customizable notifications allow you to create personalized reminders that tell you when to get up, drink up or eat up. Whether you need help drinking all of your water or remembering to eat your afternoon snack, there’s a reminder for you!

You can set reminders for all meal occasions, including Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks and Vegetables. In addition to your daily meal plan, you can also set reminders for Activity, Water and Logging Weight.

Setting up a reminder is super easy and you can pick and choose the categories you need help with. This smart feature will remind you only if you haven’t logged the category you specify. You can find Reminders by tapping MORE in the bottom menu bar in the right corner of the NuMi app.

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2. Quick Logging

NuMi app quick logging feature

The Quick Log feature is probably one of our favorite things on this list. It not only saves you time but also helps to simplify your weight loss meal plan. Many people avoid keeping a food journal because it can be time consuming. But with a name like Quick Logging, you can rest assured that you can log your daily menu in a snap. 

Instead of searching, scanning or creating a custom food, Quick Logging allows you to simply log a generic food category with just one tap (think Nutrisystem Entrées, SmartCarbs and PowerFuels). The Quick Log feature will estimate the calories based upon the food category you log. To use this feature, head to your journal and simply tap the circular icon to the left of the food category that you want to log. You can also Quick Log vegetables, activity and water at the bottom of your journal.

3. Measurements

weight loss measurements log

Weight loss is more than just a number on the scale! In addition to your weight, you can keep track of your changing measurements throughout your weight loss journey.

To get to this section, go to your Settings and tap “View Your Profile” at the top under your name. Select “My Measurements” at the bottom. You can then compare and toggle between your current and starting measurements using the tabs at the top. See how far you have come and stay motivated on the way to your weight loss goal!

4. Step Tracking

NuMi app step tracking feature

With the NuMi app, you can connect your Fitbit to your NuMi account for easy activity tracking. If you have an iPhone model 5S or newer, you can also set up Apple Step Tracking in your settings! This will track your steps using your iPhone’s Motion Processor and we’ll automatically log them as activity in your journal. Talk about tracking made easy!

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5. NuMi App Food Scanner

Food scanner

The built-in food scanner in NuMi makes logging your Nutrisystem foods easier than ever. Once you scan, the details of your food will be displayed. Then simply press LOG to record in your journal. At the top of your log, you’ll see your remaining daily calorie count adjust automatically with each item that you record. We love this feature for logging on the go! 

6. Copy and Repeat

NuMi app journal

Looking for another tracking hack for your busy days? If you have favorites and tend to eat the same things each day, this NuMi feature makes it quick and easy! Under each meal occasion in the journal, you can log the previous days food with a simple tap. You can also plan ahead and copy the meal to another day or meal occasion.

Pro Tip: Make sure to also utilize our “Favorites” feature if you frequently reach  for the same meals and snacks! This creates a quick and easy shortcut for logging.

Enjoy these amazing features and more with the NuMi app! Get started today.

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