How Motivation Helped This Woman Lose 90 Pounds on Nutrisystem*

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A visit to her doctor provided all the motivation Denise needed to sign up for Nutrisystem.

“My endocrinologist told me that if I did not turn things around with my weight and diabetes maintenance, I would not be alive,” says Denise, a social worker.

Denise’s blood sugar levels and blood pressure had climbed to levels so critical that it was affecting her kidney function.

Motivation Helped This Woman Lose 90 Pounds
Denise had to take control of her health to save her life.

“I needed a diet that was convenient and would teach me portion control,” she says. “With the convenience of Nutrisystem being a ‘grab-and-go’ type of diet, it made it easier to fit into my lifestyle.”

She also got the encouragement she needed from her Nutrisystem coach and her husband. From her coaches, she said, “I got suggestions about how to maintain and stay on a diet.”

Off all the obstacles Denise learned how to face, she says learning how to stay in control of her temptations was the most difficult.

“My biggest obstacle was to maintain self control. It is hard to say ‘no’ when eating is all that you have known to do to deal with your emotions,” says Denise. “When tempted I would say to myself, ‘it will always be there,’ feeling there would always be time to incorporate those things back into my diet but with more self control. I wanted to wake up looking forward to the day instead of wanting to hide, feeling shameful and disappointed in myself as I did many days.”

What helped her the most along the way was having a motivational support system around her—particularly in her husband.

In her husband, she found the perfect diet coach. Whatever she learned about losing weight and sticking to a healthy diet, he put into practice.

“He will often [eat] the foods that I [eat] in order not to tempt me,” says Denise. “He offers to walk with me to help maintain my motivation and tells me how proud he is of my success. He believed

Motivation Helped This Woman Lose 90 Pounds
Denise transformed her body and her livelihood on Nutrisystem. She is now leading a healthier, happier life.

in me when I didn’t believe in myself.”

The results? Denise lost 90 pounds* on Nutrisystem.

Her weight loss success cut her blood sugar levels by about two-thirds and dramatically reduced her need for daily insulin. Her blood pressure dropped so much she was able to adjust her medications. Her kidney function has also stabilized.

“My overall health has improved too—I have more energy,” says Denise. “Losing the weight has also allowed me to increase my self-esteem and confidence. I may not be able to reverse the damage done by the evolution of my disease process but I have been given an opportunity to live a healthier life.”

With a healthy, portion-controlled diet and a little motivation, you too can make a transformation like Denise has.

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*Real Success Story. Weight lost on prior program. Expect to lose an avg 1-2 lbs per week.