Video Recipe: #VeggieSexy Radish Salad

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Radishes may be small, but they pack a powerful flavor punch, as Nutrisystem dietitian Mandi Knowles demonstrates in this video recipe. Mandi shows you how to make a delicious radish salad that’s a great side dish to pair with Nutrisystem’s Grilled Chicken Sandwich. Simple, tasty and unlimited. Now that’s #VeggieSexy!


Radish and Cucumber Salad:

One serving counts as an unlimited vegetable on the Nutrisystem program.

  • Thinly slice one cucumber and a few radishes
  • Add as squeeze of fresh lemon juice
  • Top with fresh dill
  • Try adding watermelon for an even fresher take on this salad (Watermelon counts as a SmartCarb)


Radishes are small, but they pack a powerful flavor. They’re awesome to add a punch to salads. So today, we’re going to make a delicious and refreshing salad made with radishes and cucumbers. First, to prepare [0:00:20] the radishes, you’re going to cut off the tops, and then take each radish and cut off the top stem and the bottom. [0:00:30]

Then take each radish and cut them top to bottom into slivers, and then take your cucumber and slice that top to bottom into coins [0:00:40]. And then we’re just going to toss it with some fresh squeezed lemon juice. And then for a little added flavor, we’re going to top it with some fresh dill.

Today, we’re going to serve [0:00:50] this salad with our Grilled Chicken Sandwich. To make the Grilled Chicken Sandwich, take it out of the wrapper. Wrap the chicken in a paper towel and heat on high for one minutes. Share your VeggieSexy [0:01:00] Nutrisystem recipes with us on Facebook and Twitter. For Nutrisystem, I’m Mandi Knowles. [End of Audio]