How to Have a Healthy Halloween Party

Article posted in: Lifestyle

Be sure to stay on the trim-down track with these healthy tips designed to keep you on your weight loss program and to have a healthy Halloween:

One of our favorite Halloween party games is the classic bobbing for apples, in which contestants kneel in front of a tub of water that has a bunch of apples floating in it and use only their mouths to retrieve them. Sometimes the apples have coins inserted them, and the coins correspond to prizes. Of course, we’ve seen adults turn the innocent apple bob into bobbing for cans of beer. We don’t suggest that. Instead, we urge you to use apples and if you capture one, be sure to eat it, skin and all. Although apples are high in sugars, they’re also a great source of fiber and Vitamin C, so enjoy one.

Popcorn is a classic Halloween treat. It’s also a good source of fiber. Be sure to enjoy it air-popped to avoid the calories that come with oil-based preparations, and season it with herbs and spices like cinnamon or black pepper rather than butter. Just have to put some salt on your popcorn? Go with a couple of shakes.

And while a pumpkin is a Halloween icon, it’s probably not the food that springs to mind when you think of a party. But a “jack-o-lantern” made from healthy vegetables can look festive and cool and taste great. Fill in a round plate with raw baby carrots or carrot slices so that it’s blazingly orange. Add half a banana to form the stem, then use cucumber slices to make the eyes and smiling mouth. Voila!