Popcorn Hands

Recipe posted in: Healthy Sides & Snacks
popcorn hands

Looking for healthy Halloween recipes? Look no further: These Popcorn Hands are creepy enough to bring to your Halloween festivities, and healthy enough to eat while you’re there!

Assemble a big batch of them to send with your kiddies to celebrations at school or savor them solo when a snack attack strikes. Either way, they’ll fill you up without filling you out.

Servings: 3

On Nutrisystem, Count As: 2 Extras


  • 3 disposable gloves, clear (Food Contact Gloves-Powder-Free, Latex-Free)
  • 4 cups popcorn, air-popped or light-popcorn
  • 15 candy corn pieces


  1. Drop candy corn in each of the finger of the gloves.
  2. Fill the glove with popcorn, making sure each finger gets stuffed.
  3. Tie end of glove.