6 Low-Carb Bread Alternatives

Article posted in: Recipes

Ready for this little mind-blowing fact: A sandwich can still be a sandwich without sourdough, a whole-wheat pita or a piece of pumpernickel. Not that there’s anything wrong with these breads anchoring your favorite sandwich stuffing—they are packed with nutrients and contain slow-digesting carbohydrates to help you feel fuller, longer. But if you’re looking to shake up your brown bag a little and step out of the (lunch)box, or if you’re looking for low-carb bread alternatives, try some of these healthy substitutes for the standard slice:

1. Portabella mushrooms
Roasted caps are a hearty replacement for bread, and can be used as “buns” for your burger or as a top (and bottom) for your favorite veggies, like tomatoes, avocado and red onions.

2. Lettuce greens
Not the most surprising on the list, but certainly the most versatile: Tuna or tofu, shrimp or turkey, beans, corn, grains or chicken made any way you like pair well with fresh Romaine, iceberg and other crisp lettuce greens. The leaves are big and sturdy enough to stuff, or can be wrapped to hold the fillings in place.

3. Cucumber
Hollow it out and fill the cucumber “sub” with deli meat, chicken or tuna salad, or your favorite sandwich filling.

4. Sweet potatoes
Sliced into quarter-inch rounds and baked with a little olive or canola oil, use them as little potato buns for your veggie burger, egg sandwich or lean piece of pork. Thick slices of grilled eggplant work well, too, especially with a little melted cheese.

5. Nori sheets
It’s like a seaweed tortilla that can be filled with brown rice and fish, cucumber and avocado, or any sushi-inspired filling.

6. Apple rounds
Spread on a little peanut butter and crunch to your heart’s content, or add a little flair to your PB sandwich with a sprinkle of raisins and oats.